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LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — TeraByte Unlimited has released the QnE Companion, a flexible, easy-to-use Windows program that helps boost productivity by placing handy utilities so they are accessible from the desktop.

The latest version contains a new feature which is the QnE Password Companion. This addition is also accessed through the QnE Desktop Companion. This is a new addition to the QnE Desktop lineup.

This powerful feature gives you a full-featured password manager that’s right at your fingertips. All your existing passwords can be imported from a wide variety of sources, including Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and many others. Categorize your passwords, add notes and more. Passwords can also be printed should there be a need. There are a variety of settings available such as options to lock your database, including setting an inactivity timeout, locking the database when the screensaver starts, and more.

QnE Companion is a complete set of “quick and easy” utilities that are easily accessible. These utilities can be conveniently accessed from the Windows taskbar, a small floating window, or through traditional shortcuts. QnE Companion is both powerful and full-featured. All of these utilities can be used for free or a license can be purchased to unlock additional features.

The QnE Screen Capture utility makes it easy to capture a picture of the screen. Capture the entire screen or a specific area. Multiple monitor support is included.

The QnE Clipboard Companion extends the ability of the standard Windows clipboard by storing clips in an easy-to-access list. When a particular clip is needed it can easily selected from the list and the Windows clipboard is loaded and ready to be pasted.

The QnE Launcher provides a handy popup menu that can be populated with programs, folders, and documents that are most frequently used. The menu can be organized with cascading submenus and even the Desktop or Windows Start menu can be added as a submenu.

The QnE Desktop Companion is available as both a floating window and a taskbar toolbar. It provides access to the QnE Icon Companion and a single location to quickly launch the other utilities included in the package.

The QnE Icon Companion provides all the functionality needed to work with the location of icons on the desktop. If a new program is installed, a new file added to the desktop, or remote access is used, it can be almost impossible to find icons on the desktop. QnE Icon Companions search feature flashes the desktop icons that match given criteria.

Another feature includes saving and restoring desktop icon locations. If the desktop layout has been lost due to resolution change, remote desktop, or a new icon being added that pushes everything out of place, QnE Icon Companion gives the ability to restore any saved layout.

The QnE Companion increases productivity and it can be downloaded online from https://www.terabyteunlimited.com

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