Firm has officially launched operations in Chicago.

With Programmers’ commitment to delivering measurable value every 90 days, CIOs can walk into any budget meeting confident that digital modernization has been and will be a wise investment.”

— Programmers’ Product Manager, San Thiago Jose de Silva Frei

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2022 / — Companies throughout the Midwest that want to exceed customer expectations and streamline operations with digital technology can now turn to Programmers. The technology consulting firm has officially launched operations in Chicago, offering its value-driven solutions to clients across the Midwest.

Fast-Track Application Modernization, digital product development, and data analytics services are among the ways Programmers helps companies continuously evolve. Their experts are committed to thinking beyond the technology itself to consider how systems help each client expand their revenue streams and reduce inefficiencies.

Although new to the region, Programmers has helped CIOs, CTOs, and other business leaders around the world for over 30 years. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner, and its 250+ specialists hold countless professional certifications and industry awards.

“We are thrilled to begin partnering with companies in the Midwest,” said Programmers’ Head of Business Transformation, Fernando Zambroti. “We believe these organizations will appreciate how we leverage innovative technology for fast and continuous business growth.”

Programmers lowers the time to value of digital modernization by working with (instead of against) companies’ legacy systems, a service Programmers calls Fast-Track Application Modernization.

They begin by uncovering the barriers stopping companies from getting the most out of their legacy applications. Then, Programmers addresses each roadblock iteratively with 90-day modernization cycles. This allows Programmers to make a unique promise to its clients: Companies will see value from modernization every 90 days.

“With Programmers’ commitment to delivering measurable value every 90 days, CIOs can walk into any budget meeting confident that digital modernization has been and will be a wise investment,” said Programmers’ Product Manager, San Thiago Jose de Silva Frei.

Programmers partners with organizations at every step of digital product development – from product envisioning to delivery. Its Agile Experience framework combines modern agile processes with the teams, tools, coaching, and metrics organizations need throughout development.

“Programmers’ Agile Experience guaranteed us a significant time gain… we had a real sense of the product’s progress and could make adjustments quickly,” said one of Programmers’ clients, the head of B2C business at a leading energy company.

Organizations that want to become more data-driven can leverage Programmers’ solutions, customized for every step in the data analytics journey.

Programmers builds centralized data repositories, enacts best practices for data governance, and helps teams leverage predictive and prescriptive analytics. More important than any single process, though, is ensuring that organizations can make key decisions quickly with the best information possible.

Those interested in Programmers’ value-driven solutions can visit the company’s website. They can also follow Programmers on LinkedIn and Facebook, where the company regularly publishes thought leadership on modernization, data analytics, and many other subjects.

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