MICRODIA Releases World’s First 160W USB-C Car Charger

Featuring 160W output across three ports, the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro allows users to stay fully charged while on the go


MICRODIA releases its PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro USB-C Car Charger, with 160W across three ports, it’s the first to charge a laptop, phone, and more from a car.

HONG KONG, CHINA PRC, March 8, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — MICRODIA is pleased to announce the release of their latest fast-charging innovation – the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro 160W Car Charger. As the world’s first 160W USB-C car charger, the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro sets a new standard for high-speed and high-power charging directly from your vehicle.

Featuring 160W output across three ports, the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro allows users to stay fully charged while on the go. The single USB-C port delivers up to 140W of power, allowing users to charge modern laptops and powerful USB-C-compatible devices at top speed. An additional USB-C port provides 20W, while a high-capacity USB-A port at 20W is available for other devices, allowing for universal compatibility.

At the heart of the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro’s incredible performance is MICRODIA’s proprietary SmartAI™ charging technology. Using advanced algorithms, SmartAI™ intelligently detects the power needs of each connected device and adapts the delivery accordingly. A three-stage charging process helps protect battery health over the long run. Compatibility with various protocols like USB-C PD and Qualcomm Quick Charge also allows for charging almost any modern mobile or portable electronic device.

Another standout feature of the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro is its implementation of Programmable Power Supply (PPS) technology. As the only car charger currently supporting this vital USB-IF standard, it ensures precise voltage regulation and current intake for flagship phones and tablets. This results in minimal heat generation during high-wattage charging, benefiting both short-term use and long-term battery lifespan.

Safety is always a top priority, and the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro incorporates premium thermal resistance materials and an intelligent multi-protection system. This safeguards connected devices against issues like overcurrent, overcharging, and overheating – providing complete peace of mind no matter the charging situation. The sturdy yet compact zinc alloy construction also ensures durability even under demanding conditions.

To learn more about the PowerBoost Aluminaire.Pro and MICRODIA’s complete lineup of high-current charging solutions, please visit www.microdia.com/powerboost.

Full specifications, safety certifications, compatibility details, and purchasing options can also be found on the website.

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