Innoneo Health Systems selects GuardDog for Simplified Cybersecurity Analytics & Protection for Healthcare

guardDog Fido unit with Simplified Analytics

GuardDog’s HIPPA-compliant products, Fido, virtual vFido units support Smart Personalized Health Ecosystem troughout North America.

“GuardDog’s Fido PCS solution empowered extend resources to remote distributed locations simply cost-effective, by lowering risks associated with managing existing solution, increasing efficiencies”.”

— C.I.O. of Innoneo, Andrew Hussain

SALT LAKE CITY , UT, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2023 / — Guard Dog Solutions Inc., dba, and Innoneo Health Systems announced today that they have entered into a Letter of Intent memorializing an agreement to provide cybersecurity analytics as well as responses for Innoneo’s “EMSiDUS Portfolio” deployments across Innoneo healthcare facilities.

GuardDog will work with Innoneo to support the universal placement of Fido units with their facilities, providers, and patients. Innoneo Smart Personalized Health Ecosystem SM will include the deployment of GuardDog’s HIPPA-compliant cybersecurity products, Fido, and virtual vFido units to support the cybersecurity of the Innoneo Smart Personalized Health Ecosystem SM rollout throughout North America.

The C.I.O. of Innoneo, Andrew Hussain, expressed, “Not only has GuardDog’s Fido and PCS solution empowered us to extend our resources to remote and distributed locations simply and cost-effective, but it has lowered the risks associated with managing our existing solution, increasing efficiencies. After internally testing the GuardDog product features for several months, we identified GuardDog Solutions as our cybersecurity partner.”

GuardDog’s simplified analytics platform combines a simple-to-deploy Fido, or vFido (virtual) device, deployable on any network in minutes that immediately delivers intelligence to the Protective Cloud Service (PCS). Within an hour, the PCS offers cybersecurity analytics on what it sees from a Fido or any number of combined Fidos across as many networks as desired. The Fido or vFido additionally offers interference using the network to stop attempted exploits from being successful on networks that are being watched and analyzed.

With GuardDog’s Protective Cloud Service (PCS) delivered through Fido devices, the Innoneo team was able to detect and score potential threats and issues before they could impact any critical systems. The PCS also offers the existing IT resources simplified scoring and augmentation to the team’s ability to respond to any issue. By deploying GuardDog’s solution, not only could potential exploits be dealt with in very timely fashions before damage could be done, the simplified scoring allowed for the attack surface risk to be known and worked to lessen by existing IT teams in minutes.

This Letter of Intent initiates Innoneo deploying GuardDog’s Fido units to support cybersecurity in all aspects of the Innoneo Health Ecosystem rollout throughout North America and selected Global markets.

About Innoneo Health Systems
Innoneo is a fully Integrated Health & Wellness Services Enterprise to deliver Smart Personalized Health & Wellness Services that are available, accessible & affordable for everyone. Through innovation, focused investments, and a curated network of partners, Innoneo has designed and developed a unique consumer-centric, integrated, hybrid healthcare delivery and fulfillment system. Innoneo’s innovative and proprietary components include: (a) integrated and coordinated health & wellness services; (b) connected health information and service exchange; (c) proactive & predictive programs for improved health outcomes with advanced engagement & experience; and (d) an integrated business model that is modular, configurable, and scalable creating a powerful network effect. Innoneo is poised to grow rapidly in North American markets and other selected geographies by implementing a multi-pronged partner-driven go-to-market approach.

About GuardDog
Guard Dog Solutions Inc., is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. GuardDog has developed a cloud-based simplified cybersecurity analytics software service that works together with a companion Fido unit to simplify network security. The solution provides protection and visibility by exposing invisible threats on networks and the devices attached to them. It uses patent-pending technology to address and prevent cybersecurity threats before they compromise network environments. Every SMB organization is grappling to find affordable security solutions to adapt to this changing world. GuardDog is pioneering new simplified innovations for cyber resilience designed to meet these challenges.

For more information visit and explore its full use and analytics at Live Map.

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