Global Dental Implant and Final Abutment Market Shifts More Towards Value-Oriented Brands, Exceeding $9B by 2030

The primary growth driver in this market is the increasing annual demand for dental implants. Many regions globally are seeing continuous improvements in healthcare access.”

— Dr. Kamran Zamanian, Senior Partner and CEO

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, June 21, 2024 / — iData Research, a leading international market research firm, proudly announces the release of its detailed report on the Global Dental Implants and Final Abutment market. The full report suite on the global market for dental implants and final abutments includes dental implants, final abutments, treatment planning software and surgical guides.

The market is experiencing a greater shift towards value-oriented brands, impacting all sectors analyzed in this report. As value-priced implants gain market share, premium brands are responding by offering competitive pricing through bundles that include implants, abutments, surgical kits, and treatment planning software with digital scanners. This rise of value-oriented brands has created downward price pressure across all market segments.

Demographic changes are driving the global market for dental implants and final abutments. As the global population increases, various healthcare sectors benefit, including dental implants, due to the strong correlation between aging and edentulism rates. Regions with improved healthcare access and longer life expectancies show substantial growth potential. In these areas, low implant penetration rates offer significant opportunities for market expansion.

Key highlights from iData’s report include:

Robust Market Expansion: Overall, the global dental implant and final abutment market was valued at over $6.1 billion in 2023. This is expected to increase over the forecast period to reach $9.2 billion.

Competitive Landscape: In 2023, Straumann Group led the dental implant market, driven by its strong brand and top-tier products. Neodent, its subsidiary, excelled in the value segment, bolstering Straumann’s success. Strategic mergers and acquisitions have reinforced Straumann’s leadership. Envista was the second-leading competitor, offering products across all segments but not dominating any. Its independent status since 2019 and strategic focus promise growth, with 40% of revenue from implant sales. Dentsply Sirona ranked third, excelling in surgical guides and treatment planning software. Its diverse portfolio and value brand, MIS Implants, capture a wide market, launching about 30 new products annually.

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