EnableU launches Revenue Growth Platform

Revenue Growth Platform delivers value beyond rep assessment — mapping rep competencies and identifying roadmaps toward rep productivity that drive success.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, February 3, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — EnableU is excited to announce the launch of their new Revenue Growth Platform, a comprehensive solution that utilizes salespersons’ productivity data to connect outcome with input — skills, behaviors and competencies that together explain how each rep can improve performance and become an A-player.

Sales organizations are inundated with resources — CRM, analytics and enablement programs —tools which often fail to deliver on the promise of elevated sales and new, actionable insights. Instead, they only contribute to the burden of busy work, without improving an organization’s ability to drive growth.

The EnableU Revenue Growth Platform goes beyond data delivery to empower sales managers with the tools to effectively coach reps, based on each salesperson’s unique needs. The platform offers targeted input and guidance on how to improve outcomes without compromising productivity. It includes a pre-built sales learning library easily installed into any sales workflow.

“Our Revenue Growth Platform addresses a major pain point for sales managers: a lack of time and effective coaching” said Kasper Retvig, President & CRO of EnableU. “This should allow sales managers to focus on developing competencies in reps that drive performance, rather than manually looking at reports that deliver little value. Our platform uses continuous AI to pinpoint growth opportunities in each rep and create a roadmap for that rep’s growth. This keeps training, enablement and coaching relevant for each salesperson.”

The latest EnableU innovation was engineered to close the gap between sales industry and other markets already using AI to improve rep performance. The platform both identifies skills gaps and provides customized coaching to systematically eliminate those talent shortages, on a per-salesperson basis.

This initiative headlines EnableU’s comprehensive suite of sales tools, alongside custom course creation, AI-driven learning pathways and advanced call recording analysis. Beta results are overwhelmingly positive: EnableU has driven a 55% ROAS increase through applied sales coaching and supplementary AI.

EnableU enhances sales performance through applied behavioral science, professional learning and personalized coaching.


If you would like more information about sales coaching dynamics from EnableU, please call Kasper Retvig at 336.303.0506, or email kasper.retvig@enableu.com.

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