EdTech Company Announces Back-to-School Tutoring Promotion To Help Quarantined Students

The Teacher Marketplace – Back to School Promotion to Help Quarantined Students

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In the face of school closures & quarantines due to the rise of the Covid Delta variant, TTM kicks off a month-long, back-to-school promotion with $30 savings.

WESTPORT, CT, USA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EdTech Start-up The Teacher Marketplace (TTM) is committed to helping children succeed in the face of school closures and quarantines due to the rise of the Covid Delta variant. TTM is kicking off a month-long, back-to-school promotion for the month of September to help students stay on top of their studies.

Starting today and running through the 30th of September, TTM is offering families of students who have been quarantined $30 off their first tutoring session for either in-person or remote learning.

With headlines such as “The School Year Is Going to Be a Mess Again,” and “Back to School Plans Rocked By Delta,” the 2021 school year is having a very bumpy beginning, with no real end in sight.

According to TTM’s Operations and Engagement Director Chessa Kenney, “We’ve been following the reports of temporary school closures and quarantines across the nation. We can’t just sit on the sidelines when our company was built to help during these unprecedented circumstances.”

With the Delta variant driving uncertainty for back to school, parents and teachers alike want to keep their children on track and allow them to learn in a safe and secure environment without compromising the quality of the education they are receiving. With the continued learning challenges presented by Covid-19, supplemental education and remediation have never been more important.

To take advantage of this $30 savings, visit theteachermarketplace.com and sign up for a new family account using the code: Delta30 and your savings will automatically be applied.

About The Teacher Marketplace (TTM)
TTM was founded last year out of a need created by Covid-19 and the changing landscape of the education system to improve options for educators and students alike. TTM is dedicated to providing tutors to all students in need, regardless of their family’s economic status. The platform connects families and tutors for both remote and in-person sessions. TTM supports teachers and educational advancement by donating 10% of profits to Educators For Excellence (e4e.org).

TTM is a true marketplace where educators in all disciplines, grade levels, subjects and experience can be found. TTM is committed to helping all children have access to a high quality education. Their tutor prices start at only $10 per hour.

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