CSS Music Adds 7 “Go-To Searches” to Sound Tool Palette

Redi-trax adds new “Power Searches” to CSS Music search capabilities

Give us 30 minutes or less and we’ll give you a world of relevant results”

— Mike Fuller, CSS Music Marketing Director

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the music library business there seems to be one immutable truth – “what good is great music if your end user can’t find it?”

Until recently, this never ending quest to find the perfect search solution has been more like a dog chasing its tail. But thanks to advances in music recognition algorithms, for example, more relevant search results are more of a reality than just a goal.

The Redi-trax search system, powered by SourceAudio, adds new “Power Searches” to the CSS Music suite of music search capabilities. Now, in addition to curated genre specific playlists, 200+ pull-down keywords and a 2-3 keyword “Build-A-Search” utility, CSS Music clients can drill down and further refine their searches with these 7 new “Go-To Searches”:

1. SonicSearch (waveform ) – Drag and drop a sound recording (.mp3) into the Redi-Trax search field adding a relevant anchor keyword (substitute to refine searches).
2. Negative Searches – Add a hyphen before a search term to exclude that term from results (e.g. –country).
3. Keyword Mega Access – On the top Redi-Trax menu bar, select “keywords” and click on any that are relevant.
4. Phrase Searches: To find an exact match to a phrase, simply add quotation marks around it. e.g. “happy birthday”.
5. Browsing Search: While browsing search results, you can further refine your search by clicking on individual terms in the results columns.
6. Find Similar Tracks – Locate the 3 parallel lines under the title and click.
7. Advanced Technique: You can limit search terms using AND/OR to create exactly the query you like. (e.g. – country AND upbeat OR happy).

“Give us 30 minutes or less and we’ll give you a world of relevant results,” says CSS Music Marketing Director, Mike Fuller. “Searching for music can be a meandering process, an adventure if you will. If you try to skip this creative process you may miss some real nuggets. On the other hand, if you need targeted results fast, now you have even more arrows in your quiver, a total of 10.”

CSS Music clients can access Redi-trax by clicking “music search” at CSSMusic.com and selecting the “advanced search”.

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