Automatic Lift Gates Market to $2.41 Billion by 2031, Propelled By Soaring Demand for Automobile Convenience

Automatic Lift Gates Market Analysis

Automatic Lift Gates Market Size, Share, Growth Analysis, Industry Scope, Recent Trends and Forecast 2024 to 2031

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 / — The Automatic Lift Gates Market was sized at US$ 1353.640 million in 2023 and is expected to reach US$ 2414.187 million in 2031 and grow at a CAGR of 7.5% over the forecast period of (2024-2031).

Market Drivers

The automatic lift gate market is fueled by a confluence of factors that enhance convenience, safety, and efficiency. The rising demand for luxury and premium vehicles often positions automatic liftgates as standard or desirable features, elevating the overall market value. The surging popularity of crossovers and SUVs, which frequently incorporate liftgates, expands the market reach. E-commerce boom necessitates swift loading and unloading of deliveries in commercial vehicles, driving demand for automated solutions. The automotive industry’s focus on passenger comfort translates into a preference for automatic liftgates, promoting their widespread adoption. These combined forces are propelling the automatic lift gate market towards significant growth in the coming years.

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Segment Analysis

By Vehicle Type

-Passenger cars

-Commercial Vehicles

By Vehicle Type

The automatic lift gate market caters to two main vehicle segments passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Passenger cars, particularly in booming economies, hold the current market lead due to rising production and sales. Here, hatchbacks naturally benefit from liftgates due to their upward-opening design. While less common, high-end sedans are also incorporating them for added convenience. SUVs and MPVs are major drivers due to their focus on passenger ease-of-use and ample cargo capacity. On the other hand, the e-commerce boom is fueling demand for automatic liftgates in commercial vehicles, especially delivery vans and trucks. These gates significantly improve delivery efficiency by speeding up loading and unloading of goods. With a clear understanding of these vehicle segments, manufacturers can tailor their offerings to best suit specific needs and preferences within the automatic lift gate market.

By System Type


-Hands-Free Power Liftgate

By System Type

Automatic liftgates come in three main system types hydraulic, electric, and hands-free. Hydraulic systems, the traditional choice, offer proven reliability and power but can be heavier and pricier. Electric liftgates are gaining traction due to their quieter operation and potentially lighter weight, often integrating seamlessly with a vehicle’s electrical system. Hands-free liftgates prioritize convenience, employing motion sensors or proximity keys for automatic activation, enhancing user experience. By understanding these system segments, manufacturers can cater to specific needs. For instance, commercial vehicles might prioritize the power and reliability of hydraulics, while luxury cars might favor the sleekness and quiet operation of electric systems.

The economic impact of the conflict and crisis between Russia and Ukraine

A global supply chain crisis triggered by the conflict has hampered access to essential raw materials and components, with sanctions on Russia further limiting options. This forces manufacturers to scramble for alternatives, causing delays and price hikes. Second, the war has significantly impacted global vehicle production due to critical part shortages, including semiconductors. This translates to a decline in demand for new vehicles, including those with automatic liftgates. Surging oil and gas prices have driven up transportation costs and operational expenses for manufacturers and distributors. This ripple effect could potentially inflate the final price for consumers. This translates to a potential decrease in discretionary purchases like vehicles with premium features like automatic liftgates. The war has highlighted the need for supply chain diversification, potentially leading to a more geographically balanced production of automatic lift gate parts in the long run. Additionally, disruptions to traditional trade routes could create opportunities for new market players to emerge. Despite these potential benefits, the overall impact of the Russia-Ukraine conflict on the automatic lift gate market is expected to be negative in the short to medium term, hindering its projected growth.

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Regional Analysis

Asia Pacific reigns supreme in car manufacturing, with China, India, and Japan as its powerhouses. This dominance influences the global market. It’s a major hub for both global and local automakers, who collaborate to develop cutting-edge liftgates for future vehicles. China leads the pack in Asia Pacific for auto production. Major car manufacturers, suppliers, and component makers are headquartered here, ensuring a steady supply chain worldwide. The rise in environmentally friendly car demand, including electric vehicles across the region, is expected to fuel market growth. Indian companies are actively involved in R&D to introduce new products that will further propel the market. Additionally, the increasing focus on safety and comfort features in vehicles is likely to boost demand for automatic liftgates in the coming years.

Important Takeaways from the Market for Automatic Lift Gates

When making business decisions about product development, investment plans, and possible new markets to penetrate, data on market size, growth estimates, and geographical trends can be very helpful.
The analysis suggests that the market for automatic liftgates is expanding, which could lead to more sales and profitability in this industry.
The demands and preferences of your customers by customizing your products and marketing techniques by researching the elements that drive the market, such as e-commerce and luxury vehicles.

Prominent Key Players of Automatic Lift Gates Market

-Continental AG

-Stabilus Gmbh

-Magna International

-HI-Lex Corporation

-Powder Packer Corp

-Autoease Technology

-Voxx International

-Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd

-Strattec Security Corporation

-Huf Hulsbeck & Furst GmbH &CO

-WoodBine Manufacturing company

Recent Development

In March 2020, with the Model Y’s powered lift gate, Tesla has streamlined access to the rear cargo area, which can be operated remotely, via Tesla’s mobile app or manually, via a hatch-mounted button. Touchscreen can also operate the control from the vehicle’s interior.
November 2023: Hyundai Motor Company introduced Santa Fe with a development concept centered around its new lift gate opening that is six inches wider than the previous generation.
October 2023: Honda Motor Co. Ltd introduced the Honda Passport, a mid-size SUV in the United States. The Hona Passport model consists of features such as a remote-controlled power lift gate.

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