Amanotes Expands Global Growth Strategy with M&A activities

Amanotes – leading Interactive Music company

Bill Vo – CEO and Co-founder of Amanotes

Amanotes and Butterfly Ventures secure seven figure pre-series A funding with Reactional Music

Amanotes welcomes new partnerships to develop and grow with us, thereby quickly accomplishing the Interactive Music Ecosystem and helping users to have the best interactive experience with music.”

— Bill Vo, CEO and Co-founder of Amanotes

SINGAPORE, May 22, 2023/ — Amanotes, the leading Interactive Music Company, is excited to reaffirm its strategic direction and global growth strategy through strategic mergers and acquisitions activities (M&A). With a focus on realizing its vision of interactive music ecosystem, Amanotes is pleased to introduce Reactional Music as a prime example of its M&A success, pioneering the convergence of games and music.

Amanotes recently joined hands with Butterfly Ventures, one of the leading deep-tech, early-stage VCs in the Nordics to close a 2.05B $ investment for Reactional Music. Reactional Music allows gamers to personalize their personas and gameplay with their favorite music, much like customizing ‘skins’ and in-game purchases. This investment will further advance the development of music personalization in Amanotes’ top-charting mobile music games.

Amanotes builds an Interactive Music Ecosystem for multi-dimensional music experiences beyond listening. It revolves around 3 main stakeholders: Music Consumers, Music Developers, and Indie Developers. Music Consumers enjoy personalized music experiences through interactive games and social connections. Music Developers, including copyright holders, gain revenue and new avenues for music release. Indie Developers benefit from Amanotes’ expertise, insights, licensing, and revenue tools, establishing a healthy income and global user acquisition strategy.

As part of its expansion strategy, Amanotes actively seeks strategic partnerships through M&A, bringing in partners that complement its offerings and enhance the interactive experience. These partnerships contribute to the global scale of Amanotes’ operations and incorporate sophisticated music technologies, resulting in groundbreaking experiences for users worldwide. Reactional Music stands as a testament to this strategy, representing the successful integration of gaming and music within Amanotes’ Interactive Music Ecosystem.

About Amanotes:
Amanotes is a leading interactive music company with the vision to create the number one interactive music ecosystem. They develop music-related mobile games that have been downloaded 2.9 billion times worldwide. Some of their chart-topping hyper-casual games include Magic Tiles 3, Tiles Hop, Dancing Road, etc.
– Amanotes is the Music Game Publisher worldwide (2019)
– Amanotes is the 1 App Publisher from Southeast Asia by downloads worldwide. (2021)
– Amanotes is ranked Top-20 Mobile App Publisher worldwide across all categories (2019).
– Amanotes amassed more than 2,9 Billion app downloads worldwide, over 100 Million monthly active users, and over 15 Million daily active users.

About Reactional Music:
Reactional Music is changing the way we experience, interact with and enjoy music in games. It does this by enabling popular songs or any music and sound to be brought into the game to create an immersive soundtrack that reacts in real-time around the user. Reactional Music’s Engine reacts to every movement in the game. Reactional allows any music to be brought into a game and the entire game – visuals, music and sounds – to react live to that music, something that has not been possible before. Reactional opens up a new era of music personalisation and in-game purchase.