Adam Fridman Launches Season 5 of the Future of People Initiatives Podcast: Unblock Growth

Featuring insights from top industry leaders, the new season explores innovative strategies for maximizing marketing impact amid tightening budgets.

We’re bringing in leaders from PayPal, Spirit Airlines, Blue Origin, and Pepsi to share how they’re driving growth under challenging conditions. It’s about real-world solutions, not just theories.”

— Adam Fridman

CHICAGO , IL , UNITED STATES , June 13, 2024 / — Adam Fridman, founder of Mabbly, a Chicago-based digital marketing and branding agency, is excited to announce the launch of Season 5 of the podcast The Future of People Initiatives. This season, titled “Unblock Growth,” addresses the urgent need for innovative strategies to maximize marketing impact amidst tightening budgets.

Inspired by a recent Gartner article, Gartner CMO Survey Reveals Marketing Budgets Have Dropped to 7.7% of Overall Company Revenue in 2024, Fridman—author of The Science of Story (available on Amazon), columnist, and co-founder of ProHabits, the world’s first employee campaign platform—delves into actionable insights with top growth leaders. With 50k views across 80 episodes, the podcast aims to become the go-to resource for CMOs, CROs, and other growth-minded executives.

“Season 5 is all about doing more with less,” says Fridman. “We’re bringing in leaders from PayPal, Spirit Airlines, EY, Blue Origin, Prudential, and Pepsi to share how they’re driving growth under challenging conditions. It’s about real-world solutions, not just theories.” The focus is on helping businesses, from startups to established companies, find the right innovations to reach their goals. As the adage goes, “Necessity is the mother of all invention,” and this season embodies that spirit of ingenuity and resilience.

“In the four years preceding the pandemic, average marketing budgets were 11% of overall revenue,” shared Ewan McIntyre, VP Analyst and the Chief of Research for the Gartner Marketing Practice.“In the four years since, they’ve dropped to an anemic 8.2%.” Given the challenges of this moment, Fridman invites growth leaders to share their perspectives and visions, aiming to foster a market-wide conversation to unblock growth despite constraints.

The Future of People Initiatives podcast focuses on strategies to enhance both employee and customer experiences, driving key business metrics with a focus on growth. By exploring ways to improve engagement and efficiency, we aim to help organizations reach their goals and optimize their KPIs.

Join us on this journey. Tune in to “The Future of People Initiatives” on YouTube and explore how today’s leaders are navigating difficult budget environments and coming out on top.

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