Colospan Expands into Robotic Surgery to Meet the Emerging Trend in Colorectal Surgery

CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA, November 30, 2021 / — Colospan, which develops novel solutions for colorectal surgery, today announced expansion of its product line into robotic surgery, which is predicted to be the fastest-growing surgical market, growing at CAGR of >20% for the next five years. The company is developing a dedicated version of its CG-100 intracolonic bypass device which can be used specifically in robotic-assisted colorectal surgeries.

Colospan’s CG-100 is a temporary protective bypass device that is approved as an alternative treatment to a diverting stoma in the European Union and is currently being evaluated in a U.S. pivotal trial to gain market approval from FDA to sell the device in the U.S.

Diverting stoma remains the gold standard solution worldwide to reduce the clinical occurrence of an anastomotic leak. Unfortunately, this practice is associated with significant surgical and clinical complications, negative impact on the patient’s quality of life and significant economic costs. Robotic technology in colorectal surgery enables surgeons to perform cases with more precision and offers patients a shorter hospital-stay, yet anastomotic leakage still remains one of the most feared postoperative complications in these surgeries, affecting up to 20% of patients undergoing colorectal resections.

“Our goal is simple, yet critical: to find a better way to protect colorectal anastomoses and significantly reduce the rate of diverting stomas that are being performed today” said Boaz Assaf, CEO and Founder of Colospan. “The majority of cases in our pivotal trial are performed using a robotic-assisted technique, which our current device already supports. Based on insights collected from clinical work in the field, we have launched development of a dedicated device for the robotic surgical approach which might offer even greater benefits to the surgeons performing and the patients undergoing robotic-assisted colorectal resections .”

Robotic surgery offers important advantages over laparoscopy, including improved ergonomics and optics for the operating surgeon due to the unique wristed instruments and 3D magnified image. For rectal cancer specifically, the robot facilitates a finer total mesorectal dissection of the rectum within the pelvis and optimizes nerve preservation” said Benjamin Abbadessa, MD, associate professor in the Department of Surgery at UC San Diego School of Medicine. “Even with robotic surgery, anastomotic leak is still an existent complication and our current solution of ostomy is suboptimal. The CG-100 device has the potential to reduce the number of ostomies we are performing today. Having it designed specifically for our robotic-assisted approach might improve our patients’ outcomes”.

About CG-100™
In the U.S., CG-100™ from Colospan Ltd. is an investigational device for patients with colorectal cancer who require an anastomosis and are to receive a protective stoma under routine clinical practice. The CG-100 Intraluminal Bypass Device is a silicone tubular sheath that is introduced into the colon using a designated delivery system. The protective sheath is held in place by a mechanism that consists of inflatable balloons and an extra-luminal ring that encircles the colon, preventing the sheath from moving downstream while protecting the anastomotic site. After approximately ten days, when the risk for anastomotic leakage is reduced and the anastomosis integrity is confirmed, the sheath and ring are removed without any surgical intervention. The CG-100 Intraluminal Bypass Device has been approved for use in the European Union (EU), and in Israel and under IDE in the USA

About Colospan Ltd.
Colospan is a clinical stage medical device company that has developed a novel and proprietary solution for colorectal surgery. The company is dedicated to addressing the clinical and economic consequences of anastomotic leaks, the first and foremost challenge in colorectal surgery.

The company’s IDE approved, multi-center randomized trial is currently enrolling rectal cancer patients in 13 participating hospitals across the United States, Israel, and Europe. For more information on the pivotal trial visit

Colospan’s team consists of seasoned professionals in marketing, sales, and development of surgical devices for colorectal surgery, supported by key opinion leaders from Europe and the United States. The CG-100 is not approved for sale in the United States and is limited to investigational use. For more information, please visit

Boaz Assaf
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