Electric Cars are the Future of Mobility: GoodFirms Research 2021


Electric cars appear to be far more sustainable than any other alternative.

We are here on the verge of taking off with large deployments of EV cars.”

— GoodFirms Research

WASHINGTON, WASHINGTON DC, UNITES STATES, November 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GoodFirms, the most trusted research, and review platform, published its latest research study,”Electric Car Registrations See a Rise in Major Markets.” The research examines and analyzes key facets related to electric cars, such as major electric car markets, key players in the EV industry, and top-selling electric cars in 2021. GoodFirms also conducted a detailed PESTEL analysis of the EV industry, evaluating the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal reasons governing the rising sales of electric cars.

GoodFirms’ research states that electric cars are seeing unprecedented growth, and we may not be very far from the hydrogen economy.

“The growing demand from all quarters (private, public, and industrial mobility) for higher fuel economy, carbon-free fuel alternatives, and greener mobility solutions are fuelling the growth of the electric vehicles industry,” clarifies GoodFirms.

GoodFirms further analyzes the role of electric cars in achieving urban sustainability, strengthening the livability index, and managing mobility-related issues. The research also details the ongoing challenges such as low government spending, supply chain issues, battery charging problems, electricity availability, e-waste management, spatial issues, and marketing difficulties that plague the EV growth.

The research concludes that careful evaluation of questions related to supply chain, fuel taxes, charging infrastructure development, customer perception, etc., needs to be addressed before governments, automobile manufacturers, and buyers plunge into the EV race with their commitments.

“The future of electric vehicles will depend a lot on how we answer these questions and how solutions are evolved. It is not just about how to smack down the gasoline market or create a revolution, it is also about how sustainable the alternatives are. Electric cars appear to be far more sustainable than any other alternative,” says, GoodFirms.

Key Findings of the Research:
-EV car manufacturers are keen on bringing more models to the market.
-EVs are critical for reducing carbon footprints and controlling global warming.
-Decarbonizing electricity production is ubiquitous to meet zero-emission goals for Electric mobility.
-EV mobility targets set by Governments and OEMs will require continuous developments in electricity production and charging networks.
-EVs are totally safe when it comes to occupant safety.
-Supply chain issues can dampen consumer sentiments if deliveries are delayed.
-Rising battery component prices can lower industry efforts for EV affordability.
-Consumer sentiment for EVs can be boosted by increasing Government subsidies and incentives.
-Support from local authorities for quick approvals for charging station lands is required to accelerate EV growth.
-Hertz’s finalizing the deal with Tesla for buying 100,000 electric cars is a turning point for the car rental industry and car rental software platforms too.
-Electric car registrations will see a huge rise globally and the future of passenger cars is going to be purely electric.

About the Research:
Through this research, “Electric Car Registrations See a Rise in Major Markets,” GoodFirms has attempted to evaluate key elements that affect the future of electric mobility. The research provides a detailed analysis of the reasons for surging sales volumes/the rising market share of electric cars globally. The study looks deeper into the major markets and top players and the best-selling models in the electric car segment. The study highlights top challenges and future implications for the industry, buyers, and sellers.

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