Discount Real Estate Broker in Tigard, OR Seeks to Expand His 1% Listing Brokerage

Discount Real Estate Broker in Tigard, OR

Bill Gaffney, whose discount real estate brokerage lists homes for 1% seller commission, has launched a digital marketing campaign with a national SEO agency.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2021 / — Bill Gaffney, owner of “Change Realty”, has partnered with national SEO agency, One Click SEO, to increase digital marketing efforts in an effort to expand his discount real estate brokerage outside Tigard, to the surrounding areas. Change Realty has been providing real estate services to both sellers and buyers in the Tigard area for over 13 years and has sold over $500 Million worth of real estate. As a highly respected real estate agent, who has been representing both buyers and sellers in Oregon, Bill started his real estate brokerage after realizing that homeowners didn’t really have any options when it came to how much commission they would have to pay to sell their homes.

The main office for Change Realty is located at 7000 SW Hampton Street, Tigard, OR 97223.
For more information visit: Tigard, OR real estate broker, Change Realty.

This increased marketing effort will help to increase the online visibility of Change Realty in the areas in which they operate. This will be accomplished by leveraging search engine optimization best practices and an increased number of online reviews as a Realtor in Tigard, OR.

Change Realty is different from most other real estate brokerages. Change Realty is a discount real estate brokerage, that helps sellers save thousands of dollars by listing their home for just 1% seller commission. Bill said that many people misunderstand what a discount real estate broker really is.

“We operate the same way other brokerages do with one huge exception, we only charge 1% seller commission to list a client’s home,” Gaffney said. “Our clients don’t lose out on any services. We still take care of every step of the process, including home valuation, professional photos, listing the property on the MLS, contract negotiation, and closing. We just do it for less than the other guys.”

When asked how Change Realty can offer such a reduced pricing scale to their clients, Bill talked about how technology has changed the real estate game. Years ago, it took a lot more effort to sell a home. You had to be in the papers, magazines, send out flyers, hold a ton of open houses and other marketing efforts to get the property noticed and find the right buyer. Then the MLS became available on the internet. Now everyone looks for homes online before they even get a realtor. It doesn’t take much time at all to get the property on hundreds on websites for people to see. And it’s free! Change Realty also saves money on overhead by utilizing smaller office spaces than most other real estate brokers. “Because we do so much of our work digitally and outside of the office, we save thousands of dollars by being more efficient,” Gaffney stated.

When asked why other real estate brokers haven’t started adjusting their pricing structure as well, Bill said that while a few have, most are holding on to the old commission rates so they they can make the same amount of commission they would have made years ago, while still benefiting from the changes in technology. Bill said, “Members of the real estate industry are not in any hurry to let their clients know how much easier their job has gotten with the implementation of newer technologies. They still want the ‘standard’ 3% seller commission.” If a clients ever asks about discount real estate brokerages, some realtors will even mislead their client by telling them that you sacrifice service or lose out on certain things. The last thing they are going to tell their client is, “Yeah, they do the exact same thing we do, except they do it of one third the listing fee.”

The increased focus on advanced digital marketing will happen with the help of national SEO agency, One Click SEO. Headquartered in New Orleans, LA, One Click SEO is well-known for their success in real estate SEO. They have helped real estate agents and brokers across the United States dominate their local markets.

Bill Gaffney said that he feels confident looking forward and is excited to help more homeowners save thousands on the sale of their home.

To find out more about Change Realty, call (503) 622-8202 or visit their office at 7000 SW Hampton Street, 200 Tigard, OR 97223.

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