Mind Ease Acquires UpLift Forming a $10-million Partnership in the Digital Mental Health Space

Together, Mind Ease and UpLift will become an increasingly large player in the mHealth sector.

A new generation of mental health apps to address anxiety and depression

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 26, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Mind Ease Labs LTD., a mental health app valued at over $8 million is acquiring UpLift Health Inc., the company behind UpLift, an app designed to reduce depression. Together, the two evidence-based apps will become an increasingly large player in the mHealth sector, addressing two of the most prevalent mental health conditions, anxiety and depression.

“This is a huge value proposition-boost for both Mind Ease as a company, and Mind Ease as a mental health app”, says Peter Brietbart, London-based entrepreneur and CEO of Mind Ease, who in Q1 2021 raised over $1.3 million for the business. “It will be hugely valuable to be able to benefit from all of the research, design and painstaking work done by the UpLift team on how to most effectively support people with depression. This will allow us to better support folks with the two most common mental health disorders in the world—anxiety and depression. This will also appeal to health services and businesses for when we ramp up our B2B efforts as we will offer an all-in-one solution.”

A 2021 independent evaluation found that Mind Ease also has the potential to be a highly cost-effective intervention for improving mental health worldwide. The evaluation concludes that the positive social impact of Mind Ease may be comparable to some of the world’s most effective charities (despite being a for-profit company), in addition to its ability to save money for users, the government, and philanthropists.

The Mind Ease team has already doubled in size in 2021, and with the acquisition of UpLift, it will grow further. Both Mind Ease and UpLift apply an evidence-based approach to ensure effective development.

A 2019 pilot study testing UpLift’s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy based digital intervention found that the depression scores for users fell by 52 percent, while their anxiety scores decreased by 37 percent, over an average of 34 days. Similarly, Mind Ease’s anxiety-relieving exercises reduce users’ present negative feelings by 67 percent on average. In addition, users report a more than doubling of their overall mood and wellbeing.

“The Mind Ease and UpLift offerings are strongly complementary”, says Spencer Greenberg, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of SparkWave—a New York-based accelerator that both companies emerged from. “Since depression and anxiety are often co-morbid, many people who benefit from one product could benefit from the other as well. Having content for both depression and anxiety in one app would enable us to provide a more complete mental health offering.”

Mind Ease plans to integrate the CBT content of UpLift into the Mind Ease app as a way to expand the support it can offer to those that need it. The Mind Ease app will also soon implement a new machine learning algorithm to give users personalised data-based recommendations. This will provide users with the most relevant support based on how they are feeling while they are accessing the app.

“I believe that the combined entity puts us in the best possible position for achieving our mission of improving the mental health of millions of people globally”, explains Greenberg.

About Mind Ease.
Founded in December 2019 Mind Ease Labs LTD. is a London-based company with team members in the US, Europe and Australia. Mind Ease: Anxiety Relief app is available for iOS, Android and web.

Marta Krzeminska
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