Xeno NFT Hub hosts its first Xeno Spaces exhibition featuring artist Peter Moon

“It is very inspiring to see what will be possible through new mediums of expression and new avenues of artistry through the creative use of NFTs.”

It is very inspiring to see what will be possible through these new mediums of expression and to have new avenues of artistry through technology and creative use of NFTs”

— Peter Moon

HONG KONG, HONG KONG, June 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Xeno Spaces was conceived to bring the new world of NFTs into the more traditional space of fine art and gallery exhibitions. This gives established and up-and-coming artists exposure to a new digital medium and gives audiences a more tangible and immersive experience to more easily understand the new concept of NFTs and bring this new digital art medium into the mainstream eye.

Last Tuesday Xeno NFT Hub opened its inaugural exhibit of the Xeno Spaces campaign with great success to an exclusive audience of invited guests at Gallery 832, in Seoul, South Korea. Named ‘Flow Towards a New Era’, the exhibit conceived by (and featuring the works of) influential artist Peter Moon brings to the forefront his latest masterful watercolor works, “The Water of Life” – a four-piece Xeno exclusive installment, which also includes corresponding digital twin NFTs that have additional content. These Xeno exclusive works, along with other Peter Moon flagship pieces such as Restoring (2019), Healing touch (2020) are on exhibition in Gallery 832 until July 2nd, 2021. Mr. Moon, who is normally based at the Waterfall Gallery in New York and active in the US and Europe, made a special appearance for the event.

The core message of the exhibition, as alluded to in its name, ‘Flow Towards A New Era ‘, aims to represent and compare art along with the transformations of the art to the essential nature of water that flows and changes its form over time, yet remains an essential element for life.
The event started with a welcome speech (via video) from Alan Miller, the president of Xeno Holdings, and continued with an introduction of the new Xeno NFT Hub and Xeno Spaces by Xeno Investment Korea. These were followed up by an introduction to the upcoming Xeno Cube by metaverse platform creators 7K Immersion.

The evening culminated in a presentation and speech by Peter Moon himself. “I was inspired by this new concept of an NFT. I explored how it is similar to the characteristics of water. New mediums of art can take on many forms and adapt and change while like water. However, at the same time, they hold old forms of aesthetics and remain unchained in many ways similar to how water remains an essential and unchanging part of human existence with simple biological and physical rules. It is a real juxtaposition of experience,” said Peter Moon.
After the speeches, a detailed tour of the exhibition along with an introduction of each artwork was given to VIP guests to close the evening.
The partnership between Peter Moon and Xeno NFT Hub is expected to be the first of many artist collaborations that will usher in a new era of blending physical and digital art forever changing the art industry. Xeno Holdings intends to bring top-tier creators and artists over the next months with plans to launch Xeno Spaces as a permanent NFT art gallery that fills the gap between traditional art and digital NFT art. Along with this Xeno has begun work on a Metaverse version of the gallery in partnership with the global metaverse media platform, 7K Immersion. This virtual gallery will bring both the online Xeno Hub marketplace and the physical Xeno Spaces gallery into a single experience for audiences and users to enjoy from anywhere in the world.

Kate Wilson
Xeno Holdings Limited