TimeClick Releases New Time Clock Software Features Video

TimeClick’s new video highlights features from their time clock software’s latest version, TimeClick 21.

LOGAN, UTAH, USA, June 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — On May 28th, TimeClick published a new video on YouTube and their website that displays some of the main features included in their time clock software‘s latest version, TimeClick 21.

The video follows the short story of an employee named John, starting his first day at work and his manager, David, who is tasked with running reports for payroll and managing the employee information in TimeClick.

The first feature presented is employee time tracking. David trains John on how to clock in and out using the TimeClick software. He also shows John how to choose a department to clock in to, specify which job he’s working on, and leave a comment.

Then, the video moves on to display David’s tasks, which include running dashboard reports for overtime, punctuality, attendance and payroll projection.

After that, he creates a new employee within the program for John to clock in and out with. Using the modify times feature in TimeClick, he also adds a clock in time for John since he hadn’t clocked in before.

David then runs a timesheet report, showing his employees’ times for that pay period. After switching a few customizing settings, he exports the report to a PDF to use for payroll later.

Finally, it is implied that the end of the work day has come, and John asks David if he can clock out using his phone. David answers yes and explains that he just needs to download TimeClick’s free time clock app to clock out. The video ends with John clocking out for the day using his phone.

With a run time of one minute and 51 seconds, the video captures some of the most used features in TimeClick and is meant for website visitors to get an idea of what is included in the software before reading more information on the page.

Grant Esser, the manager at TimeClick, says, “We really wanted to show our potential new users the quality of the TimeClick software in a visual and entertaining way. We hope this saves our website viewers the time it takes to read through all the details and allows them to get a better picture of what we have to offer.”

You can watch the video at https://www.timeclick.com/time-clock-software-features/.

More about TimeClick:
TimeClick is an employee time tracking software company based in Logan, Utah. They have helped over 7,000 small businesses, franchises, and offices manage employee time and attendance. For more information about TimeClick, visit their website at www.timeclick.com.

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