It Takes a Village: How Uschool and Abulé are Leveraging Technology to Breathe New Life Into Human Connection

Created By Moms, For Moms; Uschool and Ablué Harness the Power of Collaborative Communities to Redefine Modern Childcare and Education

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2021 / — Every modern parent understands the struggle of e-learning and childcare in 2021. From extracurricular events, school, work schedules, meals, family time, and everything in between, it can seem impossible to juggle everything while ensuring that each child is receiving the attention they require. To cultivate a creative solution to fit the needs of any family, Uschool and Abulé have masterfully crafted a symbiotic ecosystem to redefine schooling and childcare, harnessing the power of collaborative communities.

Uschool exists to give parents the space to cultivate the educational space best suited for their child. Understanding that education is not one-size-fits-all, Uschool focuses on passion-centered learning with an emphasis on human interaction. The remote learning renaissance has left far too many children behind as they struggle to navigate an environment that does not fit their learning style. Uschool democratizes access to learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom by helping people find meaningful and connected opportunities which empower learners through freedom and choice. Launching June 15, Uschool leverages technology to act as a facilitator to connect underutilized and underrepresented subject matter experts to a community eager to learn what they know.

Representing the parental factor in busy work, school and activity schedules is Abulé. Understanding that it takes a village to raise a child, Abulé exists to unify communities to lend a helping hand to busy parents, while simultaneously providing supplemental income opportunities for approved caregivers in the area, reviving the collaborative parenting norms from past cultures. Launching June 15, the Abulé app makes it possible to ask and offer help in a safe and harmonious village without having to feel guilty or an awkward ask. Promoting strong community values and a healthy work-life balance, Abulé seeks to cultivate an environment for children to learn and thrive from the untapped potential within our communities.

Abulé matches children with other adults in the community who can help with sitting, pick-up/drop-offs, tutoring or homework. The platform also aims to expand learning beyond the home by allowing people from diverse backgrounds to share their wisdom, knowledge and talents with our children.

This symbiotic ecosystem for modern parenting was created by moms, for moms, and stands on a foundation of awareness, appreciation, acceptance, perseverance, preservation, and love; a rising tide lifts all boats.

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to cultivating human connection through collaborative communities, Uschool and Abulé’s purpose-driven visions have come to fruition.

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About Uschool

Uschool is an educational ecosystem that democratizes access to learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom by empowering learners through freedom and choice. Founded in 2021 by Neil Marcaccio and Shauna Andwerson, Uschool is committed to custom tailoring unique solutions for families seeking a fresh approach to learning. From classes to in-home micro-schools and PODs run by local parents and educators, to in-person and online classes led by dynamic subject-matter experts, to out-of-school enrichment activities or specialized tutoring in the community, Uschool’s vision is to champion real-life learning and place human connection at the core of education as we shape young minds.

About Abulé

Abulé [Ah-boo-lay] meaning “village” in Yoruba, is a sustainable childcare solution that allows parents to harness the power of community to share childcare tasks with family, friends and neighbors without feeling guilty or an awkward ask. Founded in 2021 by Toyosi Babalola, Abulé broadens the definition of a modern caregiver, opening up the task of raising our children as a community effort. Rooted in the understanding that every parent needs a helping hand, Abulé is democratizing childcare on a credit-based system that is flexible enough to benefit both busy parents and eager caregivers. Abulé’s vision is to make quality childcare more accessible and affordable, especially for those in underrepresented communities.

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