Sweet $2500 Dining Reward Good Food in the Hood Launches to Make a Positive Impact

Participate in the Recruiting for Good Referrals Program to Earn a $2500 Dining Gift Card www.GoodFoodintheHood.com

Staffing agency, Recruiting for Good generates proceeds to fund gigs for talented kids makepositiveimpact www..com

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Recruiting for Good generates proceeds to make a positive impact. People participate in the referral program to earn gift cards and help fund gigs for kids.

On our super sweet gigs, kids have fun fulfilling experiences, learn values, and make a positive impact!”

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, June 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented professionals and generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Recruiting for Good creates and sponsors sweet Pay It Forward Kid Gigs to make a positive impact (Discover Me for Good, Fans for Good, See the World for Good).

The Goodie Foodie Club is a meaningful program that enables people to make referrals (introduce companies hiring professional staff) to earn $2500 dining gift cards (Enjoy Good Food In the Hood) and help Recruiting for Good fund gigs for kids through staffing hires.

According to Carlos Cymerman, Recruiting for Good Founder, “We created ‘The Club’ for people who live to make a positive impact, love to prepare kids for life, and enjoy good food rewards.”


Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Accounting/Finance, Engineering, Information Technology, Marketing, Operations, and Sales. We’re generating proceeds to make a positive impact. www.RecruitingforGood.com landsweetjob @recruitingforgood

Love to help kids and dining out? Now you can do both. Simply participate in Recruiting for Good’s referral program. Refer a company hiring professional staff to earn a $2500 dining gift card and enjoy Good Food in The Hood. And with your help, we can sponsor more sweet gigs for kids to make a positive impact. Visit www.TheGoodieFoodieClub.com

Fans for Good is a creative pay it forward gig inspired by a five-year-old boy ( his nickname). The gig is for passionate K to Middle School soccer fans; every week the funnest drawing wins fan gear to follow their favorite team and/or sport hero/heroine. Staffing Agency, Recruiting for Good, is sponsoring the meaningful creative drawing gig that teaches kids to participate in life and to use their creative talent to win rewards. To learn more visit www.FansforGood.com. The only way for kids to participate in Fans for Good is to be invited by a kid who just completed drawing; and earned reward. Making the Gig a Sweet Pay It Forward Experience for Kids to Make a Positive Impact! Gigs in LA, NJ, and Rest of the World.

Discover Me for Good is a creative coming of age gig for 8th Grade Girls to design their love collage; memorialize what they are most passionate about. Girls learn to appreciate, discover, and express the beauty that exists within themselves…honor their contribution, feelings, and uniqueness. Once girl completes gig, she earns a $100 Gift card from Recruiting for Good; and pays forward the experience to another girl. To Learn More Visit www.DiscoverMeforGood.com

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