Eternal Insurance Agency is now offering health, life, and annuity Florida insurance plans

The added products will offer more protection for the individual or family.

Can you imagine a world without the fear of sickness? That’s what I do day in and day out. As an insurance agent, it is my job to make sure families never have to worry about healthcare again.”

— John Ramsey

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2021 / — The agency was started in 2018 by John and Pressilla, who wanted to provide good Medicare policies for many customers.

Since its start, Eternal Insurance Agency has been providing Medicare coverage. But now, they have expanded to include more services for those who live in Florida.

Having health insurance is important because it helps lower medical bills. When people reach age 65, most people will go onto Medicare to get their healthcare needs instead.

Types of health insurance we are offering

• Affordable Care Act plans

• Short Term

• Tri Term

• Hospital Indemnity

There are two main benefits to whole life insurance. One of them is the death benefit that provides money for family members if someone dies. The other benefit is a cash value that builds up interest over time in an account.

Types of life insurance we are offering

• Indexed Life

• Whole Life

• Term Life

Annuity insurance is an investment tool that pays money over a period of time. It will grow in interest while you are waiting for it. Then the funds are often used during retirement. We are offering fixed indexed annuity insurance.

“We had many conversations with our clients. We realized that they desired more than economic protection for themselves. They wanted to know that their entire family was safe and cared for if anything were ever to happen in the future.” John Ramsey, President, Eternal Insurance Agency

The company has many years of experience. They believe they can meet Florida’s changing needs. Floridians may visit our Florida insurance webpage for more information. We emphasize personalized, face-to-face service. When you work with Eternal Insurance Agency, a licensed insurance advisor will perform a needs assessment by comparing the plans in your area and helping you find the coverage that is best for your needs.

About Eternal Insurance Agency
Eternal Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency located in Florida. The State appointed their license to sell health, life, and annuity insurance plans. They partner with a variety of companies. They specialize in tailor-made insurance solutions for their clients’ unique lives and lifestyles.

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