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UK, June 6, 2021 / — BixoTrade celebrates its 3 months anniversary on the 8th of June, the venture has taken the crypto trading world by storm. Their team has done an excellent job at keeping their users in the loop of major events in and out of the company. Here are a few updates you might have missed.

● BixoTrade has expanded their business to reach more users at a rapid rate.
● BixoTrade introduces exclusive rewards and bonuses for their users.
● BixoTrades network grows day to day reaching new heights.

BixoTrade, the BixoFintech powered company was introduced to the crypto and forex trading business in march, since then they have made quite the impact on the market and traders alike. It reached more than over 5000+ active investors in the first month alone, and the numbers have been increasing drastically. BixoTrade gave its members extra reward bonuses for the completion of 100 days since Feb 16, when they started the operation and registrations. Their customer base is a vastly growing network due to their engagement with their members on social media platforms and 24/7 customer support.

They have increased their physical presence around the world, setting up offices in different countries thanks to the efforts of the top management. Opening offices in Uganda and Nigeria in the March – April period, most recently registering a Bixo office in Thailand. BixoTrade currently operates in these countries:
France, Brazil, Sweden, Ghana, Netherlands, Tanzania, Colombia, UK, Vietnam, Pakistan, South Africa, Philippines, Zambia, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and Poland.
The company is looking to expand its business to new locations, establishing offices, and growing its network to many more countries.

In honor of their 2 monthly milestones, BixoTrade hosted an award contest for its users, the announced winner received a Rolex Watch. Now to celebrate 3 months of success, BixoTrade is implementing a limited-time reward system for their users. Based on the investments by the users on packages, the revised bonuses are as follows:
Package 1 offers a 1.5% bonus.
Package 2 offers a 3% bonus.
Package 3 offers a 4.5% bonus.
Although for a limited time, programs like such are what help businesses like BixoTrade grow at an excelling rate.

BixoTrade is made up of a young team of financial experts who are focused on creating profitable Bitcoin and Forex investment solutions. From our CEO, Benjamin Gimson, our coder and day traders, to our night traders and support staff, we have many years of experience in the financial market and specialize in Bitcoin and Forex trading.

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