The Secret To Creating Cinematic Content With PowerVision S1

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The development of electronic devices has been significant in recent years and we thought about contributing to its improvement by creating an all-in-one solution for every device.”

— PowerVision Team

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / — The Secret To Creating Cinematic Content With PowerVision S1

The technological advancements of smartphone specifications now enable consumers to produce cinematic-looking scenes. Optimizing the features of a device and combining this with the right accessories is the key to achieving stellar shot quality. The PowerVision team shares with us their top 4 tips in creating cinema-worthy content.

Start With Why
When starting a project, it is crucial to first identify the goals of your output and the target audience. This will result in a user experience view, which will help shape the content planning process to resonate best with your viewers. Starting with your why will help pinpoint the necessary action steps and what needs to be highlighted.

Map Out Your Shoot Sequence
This step can potentially save you a lot of time during the day of the shoot, as the scenes are already defined, and all that is needed is proper execution. It’s essential to have alternative shot ideas in case the results do not come out as previously envisioned. Determining your sequence will reveal the props you may need to get that perfect shot.

Find The Right Light
Lighting is key to getting crisp, clean, and detailed outputs. For the cinematic effect, it’s advisable to utilize the maximum amount of natural light as the final pictures then come out looking softer. Ensure to check the weather forecast on your ideal shoot day to confirm if this is indeed the best time to film.

Invest In The Best
Looking to power up a mobile device’s functionalities even further? Check out this game-changing innovation from PowerVision! The PowerVision S1 offers an all-in-one solution solving stabilization, charging, stand, and protection needs in a compact format. It’s mini but powerful and a perfect companion for most smartphones.

Feature Highlights
Wireless power bank and passthrough charging
3-axis phone stabilizer
PowerFollow tracking
Works with most mobile devices
Incredibly lightweight
Anti-shake stabilization
Compatible with an array of mounting accessories
Works with live streaming & social apps

PowerVision S1 is available for pre-order via Indiegogo, and early backers will get access to exclusive rates starting at $129.

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