Kicking porch pirates to the curb. My smart-bench is innovative, secure, and has an amazing curb appeal.

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World’s first smart bench allows delivery drivers to securely place packages inside the bench with a tap on the app or a swipe of the FOB.

FULLERTON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / — Introducing the newest smart technology designed to protect your packages.

The Smart Bench is the world’s first smart bench that allows delivery drivers to securely place and lock your packages inside the bench. Users can benefit from the smart bench’s secure, easy-lock digital keypad to securely receive their packages with the tap of the app or a swipe of the FOB.

The Smart Bench is the brainchild of Jason Garcia who worked as a delivery driver for Amazon and delivered hundreds of thousands of packages.

“The idea of the Smart Bench came to me when I was delivering packages for Amazon. I used to deliver hundreds of packages each day and I took notice that customers were getting very creative with the way they wanted me to hide their packages. Personally, I took pride in making sure I followed customer instructions and hid their packages as requested. But even then, stolen packages were inevitable. I knew there had to be a better way and I was going to figure it out! One day, I was literally standing on a customer’s porch admiring their beautiful wood bench and it was then that it hit me like a bag of recycled cell phones! Why not design a beautiful wood bench with smart technology that would allow me to place their packages securely inside and lock them? I thought to myself,

“I can do this” and there’s nobody better than myself to design and bring this idea to market! Sometimes it takes people that are actually on the ground level to see that there’s a need for something! We are in the day and age where it’s time for the “little guys” to have a voice! Let’s let our voices be heard and make the Smart Bench a reality for all of us!”

“This does look like a nice product”-
Jamie Siminoff, Chief Inventor and Founder of

The company aims to be the first company to answer the problem of stolen packages and develop APIs for their smart lock so drivers from FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and Walmart, and others can enjoy convenient contactless deliveries with no need to enter access codes. The all-natural Acacia wood bench, which is naturally anti-bacterial and water-resistant, can last up to 40 years even when untreated. Acacia wood is highly durable and not scratched easily.

My smart bench is live on Indiegogo and prices start from as low as $299 USD.

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