STILRIDE’s robotic folding technology “steel-origami” receives international award and massive interest

The goal of the company is to challenge the traditional view of manufacturing through robotised folding pioneering a greener future .

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, June 3, 2021 / — STILRIDE is pleased to announce it has been awarded the Best New Technology prize from ISSF, the International Stainless Steel Forum, for its robotized steel origami to manufacturing for lightweight applications.

STILRIDE is a Swedish startup that creates clean energy-powered personal mobility devices through a flexible and sustainable production technology. The company is already well-known for innovative prototypes and its mission is to single-handedly revolutionize the personal mobility industry – starting with the company’s first Sports Utility Scooter, STILRIDE.

The STILRIDE electric scooter, made from flat stainless steel sheets, takes advantage of the ancient origami technique – folding paper to a 3D object – to open up for complex designs by simply folding sheet into amazing 3D structures. Through the use of industrial origami, there is potential to reduce the number of parts needed for a product as well as to create sustainable products based on metal with unique shapes and forms.

“It is an honor to receive international recognition for our technology LIGHT.FOLD, which enables radically lighter chassis and will turn upside down the way you work with flat sheet metal,” says Jonas Nyvang, CEO of STILRIDE.

ISSF emphasizes that STILRIDE has successfully demonstrated an innovative way of processing metallic sheet material into complex geometries that would be expensive to realize with traditional forming operations. Instead, the company has the potential to create a new cost-effective value chain based on sheet metal materials. This enables manufacturers to design products at a significantly lower weight, with fewer components resulting in cost savings.

The goal of STILRIDE has been to challenge the traditional view of manufacturing by using robotic industrial origami to create from a flat plate in accordance with the material’s properties and geometric nature. And, in this way, to create a safe, attractive and sustainable production and transport platform.

Years in the making and originally no more than a novel mind-bending concept, the STILRIDE manufacturing platform is now being simulated, making “produced here” not only viable, but to all intents a no-brainer for a wide range of products.

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STILRIDE is a Sweden-based startup pioneering industrial origami. The vision is to build an iconic personal mobility devices that pioneers a greener future and in the process develop a new digitalised value chain around advanced steel sheet manufacturing, where even small workshops, with relatively simple robot equipment, can fold; tailor-made products with attractive design.

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