Bud Bandz and Bud Bagz Help to Elevate & Improve Consumption Experience

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — KBToyz, designer and manufacturer of innovative products for vape and wellness lifestyles, is excited to announce the launch of their brand and website .com. The line currently consists of three product groups, Bud Bandz, which are distinctively colored silicone bands that fit over standard 510 threaded vape cartridges Bud Bagz, which are secure locking and scent-resistant fashionable bags that discreetly allow users to store and carry their products and accessories and branded apparel which includes hats and face masks.

Bud Bandz are packaged five to a tube and are clearly labeled to help organize the consumer’s carts – Indica, Sativa, Hybrid, CBD and 1:1.The Bud Bagz group of products consists of two distinct styles, the Backpack which can easily hold a tablet or small laptop, retails for $159.99 and the Sling, slightly smaller and more discreet is priced at $99.99. Both are equipped with an innovative biometric fingerprint lock system to prevent unauthorized access.

JK, one of the brand’s founders said “Our products were inspired by ideas to create simple and affordable solutions for everyday problems.” He continued, “I was on vacation in Las Vegas and I guessed at a cart since they weren’t marked, took my hit and guessed wrong and fell back to sleep for half the day. I said there has to be a better way. I came back home and discussed with my team and Bud Bandz were created and you can now maintain your strain! “

His Co-Founder stated, “We’ve taken every step possible to ensure that all of our products are of the highest quality possible while still delivering value-priced solutions that help to enhance our customer’s experience.” He added, “We’re enthusiastic about our initial product offerings and we are working diligently to innovate and create a number of new items which we’re sure consumers will very much enjoy and appreciate.”

In concert with their successful consumer facing website launch, the company has already started delivering orders to retail partners around the country and the feedback has been nothing short of spectacular.

In addition to aggressive wholesale and retail distribution efforts, the company is seeking to partner with enthusiasts and cultural influencers on social media channels to help propel the brand’s awareness. Interested parties can direct-message the brand’s social media manager @kb.Toyz on Instagram or influence@kbtoyz.com.

To learn more and purchase any of KBToyz products, consumers can visit https://www.KBToyz.com
Wholesale and retail inquiries are encouraged to email info@kbtoyz.com.


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