Kala Coin Hosts Fortnite Tournament to Promote Crypto and NFT’s

Kala Coin teams up with Rematch.gg to host it’s 1st ever Kala Cup

Kala Coin teams up with Rematch to host Fortnite tournament starting June 4th.

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Kala Coin is hosting a Fortnite gaming tournament to promote the value of blockchain and NFT’s to the masses.

Amazingly, there really isn’t any specific type of person that would be the perfect example of an elite level gamer…super inclusive space.”

— Aaron Endicott

LEHI, UTAH, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Kala Coin will be hosting an open Fortnite tournament from June 4th through June 6th. To make the tournament happen, Kala Coin teamed up with Rematch.gg and they will be taking care of marketing, tech, and logistics.

The “Kala Cup” will be an open tournament available to anyone who would like to participate. Rules and details about the tournament can be found at https://wallet.kalacoin.io/kalacup/.

Kala and Gaming?
Kala Coin project leaders quickly understood that the initial embracement of cryptocurrency would come from that coveted marketing demographic of 18-34 year-olds. Much of this group has had access to the internet their entire lives. Whether it is relationships, shopping, banking, or employment, much of their life happens online. This group’s familiarity and comfortability of an online existence has lead to a smooth transition into blockchain and cryptocurrency. With their surging adoption of all things crypto, 18-34 year-olds will be the epicenter of blockchain growth for many years to come.

With this understanding, the Kala Projects team (many of whom are gamers themselves), knew that a direct path to this demographic could be found in the gaming space. This space has proven to be much more inclusive than traditional recreational and competitive spaces. Obstacles to direct competition such as gender and age are nill in the gaming space. This is a very exciting concept that is being embraced at a global level.

“I have sat in my living room watching my adult children game and compete with their much younger siblings…and also their much older aunts and uncles. Amazingly, there really isn’t any specific type of person that would be the perfect example of an elite level gamer…super inclusive space. The notion that it’s just lazy, 30-year-old unshowered people in their mom’s basement is extremely out of touch.” Aaron Endicott CMO of Symatri.

Gaming and Blockchain Connection.
In 2017, Symatri purpose-built the Kala Blockchain as a platform to create digitally notarized records or NFT’s. When these records are placed on the Kala Blockchain, they become irrefutable. This gives the record its necessary integrity to have proper attribution and legal protection.
The gaming space’s most important growth catalyst is content creation. With live streaming platforms and social media, there are endless amounts of content, branding, and agreements being created. All of these records and content need to be validated, attributed, and recorded on the blockchain to keep them secure. With this type of record attribution, the creator has much better control over their asset ownership and distribution.

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