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WV Technologies had a press conference with Finance Minister, the Hon Simon Birmingham & IBM Director, Libby Wilson to announce exciting news!

The federal government’s top priority is protecting our nation’s economy, national security and sovereignty. Malicious cyber activity undermines that.”

— Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, May 31, 2021 / — WV Technologies are Australian leaders in the data destruction and IT disposals industry and both a profit-for-purpose and Indigenous organisation that works hard to change the lives of people overcoming disadvantage. Last Thursday, alongside Hon Simon Birmingham and Libby Wilson, Director at IBM Global Financing, WV Technologies announced that they are the first and only company in Australia to obtain the highest security clearance for all data destruction and sanitisation services, the NAID AAA certification.

In addition to obtaining the NAID AAA certification for sanitisation, they have received an endorsement from the Australian Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) to undertake data destruction of high-security TOP SECRET classified material.

Senator, the Hon Simon Birmingham, said, “Recognising the accreditation that has been secured here is an enormous accomplishment for WV Technologies. To be able to manage lifecycle data in a way that provides the highest level of security, protect information and keep all of our systems as safe and secure as possible.”

He continued “In this case, we’re thinking about the product lifecycle in relation to data and technology and making sure that we are securing such an important part of people’s personal privacy through to management of secret information is essential to the nation’s security and the ongoing development of businesses and national infrastructure.”

Key services provided by WV Technologies are:

• NAID AAA Certified Data Destruction
• Secure IT Decommissioning and NAID Certified Sanitisation
• Asset Buyback and Value Recovery
• eWaste Recycling
• Hardware Supply/Procurement

Further to this, they are certified with the following:

• AS/NZS 5377 E-Waste
• OHSAS 18001 Safety
• ISO 9001 Quality
• ISO 14001 Environment
• AS/NZS 4801 Safety

Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia, said “The federal government’s top priority is protecting our nation’s economy, national security and sovereignty. Malicious cyber activity undermines that.”

Underestimating the impact of a data breach is costly not only for a business but the wider community. The average cost of a data breach to a company is $3,800,000.00 (IBM).

Ensuring data security for end-of-life IT equipment is critical to reducing any back-door pathways for cyber-attackers to enter our online ecosystem. WV Technologies is accredited to clear hardware of any vital data before its disposed of.

Jamie Miller, Executive Director at WV Technologies, said “they made it a priority to ensure that they had the highest qualification for data security in Australia.”

“WV Technologies has invested heavily in data security. We are the first company to achieve NAID AAA certification for all mobile and plant based sanitisation and destruction services, including the Australian Government PSPF endorsements for TOP-SECRET” He added, “This is because a recent IBM study showed the average cost of a data breach is $3.8m. Some recent ransomware attacks had cost vastly more than that.”

Kurt Gruber, Executive Director at WV Technologies further commented on this saying, “It is our experience corporate and Government organisations seem to be more focused on the ‘front’ end of cybersecurity but have forgotten about the obvious risks associated to IT decommissioning and data destruction.” Mr Gruber said, “It was like keeping your front door locked but leaving your back door open.”

To date, WV Technologies have had a significant impact by stopping potential catastrophic breaches for many companies they have worked with. Businesses typically are more focused on the front end of cybersecurity and often overlook the importance of end-of-life IT equipment and data destruction.

Libby Wilson Director IBM Global Financing Australia and New Zealand said “We all own the opportunity to reduce the risk of data breach through carelessness. But it’s up to corporates and Governments to ensure that they have the protocols in place to ensure that end to end or lifecycle management of data security exists across the organisation.”

Profit for purpose:

WV Technologies is a Certified Social Enterprise, and Supply Nation Registered business. The majority shareholder of WV Technologies is the Worldview Foundation. Worldview Foundation provides holistic support for Indigenous people overcoming disadvantage. Programs include mentoring, accommodation support, education, healthy living, and employment through WV Technologies.

The Hon Simon Birmingham said, “The incredible start-up opportunity that WV Technologies is providing to so many young Australians, particularly to many indigenous Australians, is indeed a wonderful example of how policies such as indigenous procurement targets can create openings in new areas that help to provide real, tangible job and career opportunities that will be life changing.”

He further commented, “That indeed is something that we celebrate and are proud to have seen, the growth of indigenous Australian businesses that has occurred under the procurement targets established through our government and the way in which that is now reaching into new and developing areas of technology and the economy.”

WV Technologies have been nominated as a finalist for the award ‘Registered Supplier of the Year’ at the 2021 Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards.

The Supply Nation Supplier Diversity Awards recognise companies, government agencies and individuals who strive to create a vibrant and sustainable Indigenous business sector.

The award nomination for ‘Registered Supplier of the Year’ recognises registered indigenous businesses that have driven significant growth within their company and has demonstrated ongoing engagement with the Supply Nation and their members.

This nomination is very exciting for WV Technologies, as supplier diversity and creating employment opportunities for the indigenous community is the heart of what they do.

The team at WV Technologies is honoured to be a finalist and look forward to being a part of the award night.

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