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Brainstorming can be time consuming and frustrating!

When it comes to naming your business there are many things to consider and using a business and domain name generator can get your creative juices flowing.

One of the first things to consider is “Is there a domain name available for my business name?””

— Eoin

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / — If you think of great businesses and their names, there doesn’t seem to be hard and fast rules to follow. Whether it is Apple, Microsoft, Nike, Amazon or Walmart, the rationale behind the name’s origin tends to come down to a personal decision by the founder(s) for one reason or another. However, most of these businesses came along in a pre internet age where the importance of domain names was not what it is now. Sure, the names above were always intended to be memorable but they didn’t have to consider SEO for one thing.

How important is a business domain name for SEO?

Nowadays, one of the first things to consider is “is there a domain name available for my business name?”. If there isn’t, or a close and appropriate alternative, it can be enough for you to need to consider an alternative. This all takes time and effort of course and so it is no wonder that many people turn to a business name generator for inspiration and guidance. These can come up with hundreds or thousands of variations and the best business name generators also incorporate a domain name generator which ensures there is a top-level domain available. This is a particularly important factor to consider when choosing a name generator – many generators give you names which only have lesser domains available such as .xyz or .io. It is a proven fact that having a .com name is better for SEO and better for user memory retention. To sum up: having a top level .com or .net domain name available is a vital part of choosing your business name.

How does a business name generator work?
The concept is simple but there are obviously many variations in terms of how each one works. For a start, there are generators which charge money and others demand your email address (so they can spam you with offers later) or require you to sign up to some service you don’t actually want or need. However, truly free domain generators do exist and don’t make you jump through hoops to get the most out of them.

When you have chosen your domain generator, you simply enter some “seed keywords” and perhaps some additional info about location, industry etc. and hit the Generate button. Seed keywords could be your type of business, industry, specialization, services etc. Basically, any word that would be closely linked to your business. However, you can also include other words like a name or word you would like to have as part of your business name.

The generator will then show a list of names that are available and you can easily scroll through them until one hits you as your ideal name. If you have chosen a good generator the names will be available with a .com domain name so your SEO will have a great foundation.

What is the best domain name generator?

As mentioned above, getting a domain name generator that is free, easy to use, and uses top level domains is crucial. For these reasons, I would recommend’s free domain name generator. It has all of the above and a whole lot more that make it an excellent choice.

Its main features and advantages are mentioned below:
– Advanced AI technology
– All queries are run on a supercomputer which runs hundreds of billions of data points in milliseconds to generate better results faster
– High-quality of results
– Free to use as many times with as many combinations of keywords as you want
– Top level domain is available for each result
– The company claims to be privacy focused and don’t ask for your email or track you across the internet
– A multidisciplinary team is working daily to improve it even further
– A huge range of other free tools and guides available such as, a free logo maker, free business plan generator, free business idea tool, free legal forms etc.

Does it work as well as described?
When writing and researching this piece, I ran a number of searches to see what the “real world” results would be. Using the seed keywords “SEO Consultant” and entering the industry and location, I received over 1,700 results, all of which had a top level domain. The results were clearly displayed so I could really consider each one and visualize it in use on my site. A search for a flower shop along with my name also yielded a similar number of results. When I then chose one, I was directed to GoDaddy (one of the biggest and easiest to use domain name sellers) and buy the name with a big discount. There was also links to useful things such as an easy to use logo maker and other elements mentioned above. It really was that simple and actually quite a lot of fun to try too.

Key take-away points:
– Business name generators are a simple way to get lots of ideas instead of brainstorming with a whiteboard or listening to people throwing names around.
– Free business name generators can be just as good or even better than paid options.
– Top level domain availability is a key to SEO success and branding
– Naming a business can be a fun part of setting up but there are important elements to consider.

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