BuyTikTok Launches TikTok Calculator, Influencer Tool for TikTok Creators and Brands

TikTok calculator no downloads and free

Free tool to estimate TikTok engagement and earnings

TikTok users can calculate influencer engagement and earnings with a new tool – BuyTikTok calculator

The focus of BuyTikTok is on user experience. Signups,app downloads and installs complicate the process and deter some users from trying a tool they may need.”

— N. Mason, Lead Developer

SHERIDAN, WYOMING, UNITED STATES, May 25, 2021 / — WIth more users signing up on TikTok, marketers and brands search for influencers to partner. The newly launched TikTok calculator from BuyTikTok is a practical tool which helps brands and influencers on TikTok estimate engagement and earnings per post.

A private community of TikTok influencers and software developers, BuyTikTok is a trusted source for calculating profile engagement and tracking post performance. “The results are based on common coefficients for each influencer niche derived from the detailed analysis of over 10 000 TikTok profiles” says Nathaniel Mason, Senior Software Developer at BuyTikTok. This detailed profile review helps creators set correct rates for sponsored posts when partnership fees are negotiated with brands. LIkewise, the same accuracy approach lets brands find promising creators comparing influencer engagement rates.

The tool is free and easily accessible from any device (mobile, tablet, PC). It optimized UI and responsive design is easy to navigate. Using a TikTok calculator requires no credit card/PayPal information or registration. All users visiting the website at can enter the username of any creator to get the estimates of his post and profile engagement, and possible TikTok earnings. “The focus of BuyTikTok is on user experience. Registration, software downloads and installs complicate the process and deter some users from trying a tool they may need. Thus, we decided to make the influencer calculator fully online”, Mason adds.

There are 6 major estimates that show up in TikTok calculator results:

– Engagement rate for TikTok profile.
– Engagement rate for TikTok posts.
– Estimated earnings per sponsored post.
– Top performing posts and their statistics.
– Post Performance graph (shows the likes, views, shares, and comments share per post).
– Post Engagement graph (calculates engagement rate for each post on profile).

Engagement rate on TikTok is the major indicator of how involved viewers are. This is critical not only for the TikTok algorithm to improve post visibility, but for brands looking to hire niche influencers. Although indirectly, higher engagement and thus, more likes, comments, and shares, indicates interesting content and close relationships between creators and their followers. For brands who want to generate leads and promote products or services, partnering with creators whose engagement rates are high could potentially be more profitable and effective.

Because the tool is free and has neither a sign up requirement nor apps to download or install, it can be used to track analytical data on a regular basis. Read more about TikTok calculator here.

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