Dharmaj Technologies Introduces New “Triumph” Super Versatile Laser Cutting Machine for Lab-Grown and Natural Diamonds

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Triumph Non-Stop

A rapid pick up in the pace of Lab-Grown diamond production using the latest 10 features in 1 Machine. Not 10 lasers only 1 laser can finish your 10 tasks !!

SURAT, GUJARAT, INDIA, May 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dharmaj Technologies announces the availability of the ‘Triumph’ Laser Cutting machine. The new ‘Triumph non-stop’ offers many new features and enhancements including additional 50% more production with a single laser diode. Its salient features include- No requirement of UV Glue and No detachment problem during the cutting process, Multi top & Pie sawing in single stick, User-friendly software and most important ‘Triumph’ is Robust and Vibration free frame structure. These features increase productivity.

Developed in line with the company’s firm belief ‘Quality Changes the World’ the new ‘Triumph’ reliable structure is designed for many applications of diamond processing. Its ten features start from Multi sawing, Pie sawing, Normal sawing, Curve fancy shape, Squares fancy shape, Customized fancy shape, Four-p/Coning, CVD poly cut, Slice cutting/CVD seed, and Drilling. The new ‘Triumph’ is suitable for all kinds of applications of diamonds.

Founder & Partner of Dharmaj Technologies, Mr. Prakash Rakholia said, “Lab-grown diamond cutting & shaping process never easy before this, new ‘Triumph’ machine is ecofriendly, high efficient and yield more production. Lab-grown diamonds are gradually increasing in demand with the growth of natural diamonds too. Customers are accepting lab-grown diamonds in a positive way not only in India but all over World. Therefore, more production needed and we are ready with the new ‘Triumph’ with multi-features. ‘Triumph’ is made for both natural and lab-grown diamonds. Not only this ‘Triumph’ will satisfy demand but also there will be an indirect increase in job. I am optimistic lab-grown polished diamond response made super versatile new ‘Triumph’ machine. With the minimal capital investment, more production will be achieved.”

Also, he said, “Dharmaj Technologies is ready to provide excellent and prompt service to their client location any part of the world.”

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Dharmaj was established in February 2012 by Mr. Prakash Rakholia founder of Dharmaj Technologies, which is the foremost organization involved in manufacturing and supplying a remarkable range of Diamond Processing Machinery. Dharmaj is backed by a diligent team of professionals who hold years of experience and expertise in executing business-related activities whether regarding management or production in a fruitful manner. The Infrastructure which they have is segregated into various units such as Manufacturing, Research & Development, Warehouse, and Quality testing laboratory.

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