CyberExtruder Launches Aureus Insight, its Next Gen Facial Analysis Platform and New Subscription Licensing Option

Aureus Insight face recognition platform logo

This picture shows the Corporation for Citizen Security of Guayaquil's (CSCG) control room with the Aureus face recognition software in use.

The Aureus face recognition platform is seen here installed at the Corporation for Citizen Security of Guayaquil’s (CSCG) control room. CyberExtruder is very proud to be an important tool in providing safety and security to the citizens of Guayaquil Ecuador.

WAYNE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2021 / — CyberExtruder today announced the availability of Aureus Insight, the newest version of the company’s award-winning facial recognition and video analytics solution for live video which provides fast, accurate and unbiased face matching and alerting features for both masked and unmasked faces.

Advanced Alerting Features
Aureus Insight is an all-new platform which runs as a service and allows users to configure an extensive array of alerting channels which can be triggered when face matches occur. User can easily and economically create connections to the event engines in VMS platforms, email, SMS and MMS notifications and even Arduino driven digital signs and scrolling LED displays. The most stunning new feature of Aureus Insight however is its ability to operate completely within popular VMS platforms like Genetec’s Security Center and Milestone’s XProtect. This ‘single pane of glass’ paradigm facilitates users’ need to add or remove video feeds, manage alerting channels and maintain the gallery of faces all from within the VMS itself.

Unparalleled ability to Scale
Aureus Insight is a real-time, flexible, scalable, face analytics system. The powerful design of Aureus Insight allows automatic monitoring of any number of video input streams – simply add more compute to handle a larger number of streams. Users can deploy racks of servers with each server processing many video streams, or your system can be organized with smaller machines processing fewer streams: Aureus Insight is designed to scale in a way that suits your situation. And because it’s a completely distributed solution, an operator can control all aspects of the platform from any laptop, tablet or mobile phone with an internet connection. This means the enterprise’s face matching capabilities can grow to tens of thousands of cameras with image galleries in the tens of millions while still delivering the industry’s highest levels of performance.

More affordable than ever before
With the launch of Aureus Insight, CyberExtruder is also announcing the availability of a new subscription licensing plan. Subscription licensing is available as an alternative to perpetual license purchases for those customers that prefer a monthly subscription plan where Aureus Insight runs as a managed service in a public or private cloud or a customer’s own network. Paul Nicholas, CyberExtruder’s CEO says “The market is looking for high performing mission critical solutions that can start small, scale rapidly, are secure, unbiased, easy to buy, install, operate and manage while at the same time can be purchased as a service as well as a traditional software product. Aureus Insight was built to deliver this and more.”

About CyberExtruder
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