Mobilearth Rolls Out TopUps for Prepaid Phones

Mobilearth launches TopUps for prepaid phones

Mobilearth launches TopUps to enable their financial institutions’ clients to add funds to prepaid phones from their banking account without additional fees.

When we decided to move forward with TopUps, we knew immediately that this would be a game changer for both our institutions and their customers.”

— Tia Lee, CEO, Mobilearth

BURNABY, BC, CANADA, May 18, 2021 / — Mobilearth is proud to announce the successful launch of TopUps for prepaid phones—piloted by the Bank of Montserrat (BOM) as our first financial institutional partner to use this feature in production.

“Bank of Montserrat prides ourselves in serving our customers and doing whatever we can to help them. With TopUps, it will be a big step forward in alleviating the ongoing financial stress that our customers have been going through since last year. The commission sharing will help our bank in many ways so that we can continue providing quality service to the people of the island.”
– Dyonne Duberry, Information Technology Manager, BOM.

The delivery of TopUps for prepaid phones marks an important achievement for Mobilearth as this is one of our biggest projects completed to date. TopUps will enable financial institutions and their clients to add funds to any prepaid phone around the world without any added fees and no credit card required. Clients can conveniently top up a prepaid phone using any of Mobilearth’s omni channels from mobile apps to text to the online portal with the funds taken directly from their banking account. The financial institution can also facilitate this transaction by using MobiBranch—a multi-platform virtual branch app to transact via the client’s account or as a cash TopUp. Anyone can add funds to a prepaid phone whether they have an account or not, making the overall process simple, without hassle, and fee free.

In many regions of the world, prepaid phones are the preferred phone plan over contract phones. Being able to top up the phones of their loved ones and friends regardless of where they are without incurring service fees or credit card charges will help stretch a tight budget even further.

Mobilearth is committed to doing whatever we can to assist with our financial institutions’ bottom lines. The commissions earned from TopUps will be used to fund enhancements, reduce client maintenance costs and offer new modules. The pandemic affected everyone’s budget and financial institutions were no exception. With this commission sharing plan in place, Mobilearth hopes that this will help financial institutions alleviate some of belt tightening they have had to do.

“We want to help our banking partners and their clients in any way we can.” states Tia Lee, CEO of Mobilearth. “When we decided to move forward with TopUps, we knew immediately that this would be a game changer for both our institutions and their customers. It gives them the convenience of doing what they are already familiar with but without the added fees that are normally associated with this service. Every penny counts.”

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