Spell partners with disruptive Fintech newcomer, Templar Payments™

Spell Dashboard

Spell Dashboard

Spell, the developer-friendly payments platform has partnered with Templar Payments™ to close the tech chasm in the industry between FinTech and Everyone Else.

local players are starting to lose their market shares The technology expectations of clients are increasing”

— Spell CEO Jevgenijs Novickis

LEEDS, WEST YORKSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, May 15, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Templar platform is standalone, white-label onboarding software which fits neatly into merchant services brokers’ existing systems and processes, allowing them to instantly offer merchants a digital-first onboarding process as seamless as those of the FinTech Giants. Spell is a payment gateway with all the bells and whistles a merchant or ISO could possibly desire, with no compromise on ease of integrations or simplicity of use.

Spell and Templar are able to work so well together because they are both able to move quickly and decisively. The two company’s technology complement one another perfectly, both from a design perspective, and because both can be built on and scaled at pace.

However, the real driver behind this partnership is shared values. Spell CEO Jevgenijs Novickis sums up Templar Payments’ purpose in Spell’s identification of the problem:

“Over the past decade several global payments tech leaders, such as Stripe, Adyen, and Klarna have emerged. These companies were born as tech companies, invested millions building their exclusive platforms to win, and are taking over the market.”

“Due to globalization, local players are starting to lose their market shares The technology expectations of clients are increasing Because of rapidly growing competition, profit margins are decreasing.”

Templar Payments and Spell are currently in BETA testing with select customers.

The tech gap in the payments industry will be addressed by Templar Payments in more detail in the Webinar, The Digital Chasm: How to level the tech playing field between FinTech Giants and Everyone Else., 3 pm-4 pm Monday 17th May.

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