The Simply Align Technique for Back and Joint Pain in Toronto

SCARBOROUGH, ONTARIO, CANADA, May 13, 2021 / — Simply Aligned Rehab, a full-service physical rehabilitation clinic in Scarborough, Canada offers a range of muscle, joint pain and rehabilitation services ranging from physiotherapy, chiropractic, 3D Spinal Decompression acupuncture and massage therapy. Psychotherapy is also offered at this clinic, which is especially important with the extended covid lockdowns and rising mental health issues across Toronto.

The clinic has recently launched their proprietary Simply Aligned Technique for pain treatment. The clinic employs in high tech equipment for Radio-Frequency (RF) therapy also known as TECAR therapy, Laser therapy, Elector-magnetic therapy, shockwave therapies and spinal decompression therapy.

Dr. Nima Pardisnia, who runs the clinic, says patient feedback has been overwhelmingly positive for his technique. Using high tech instruments in combination with exercise helps get patients better significantly faster than traditional methods that rely heavily on exercise alone. His reasoning is these machines help treatment penetrate and localize deeper into muscles and joints, help disintegrate damaged layers of tissue and promote regeneration and healthy growth very quickly. Patients normally are given multiple sessions over a period ranging from 4-6 weeks, that show fast results, with less frequent follow up sessions afterwards, to prevent relapse. In addition, patients are counseled for activity modification, to build good posture and movement habits that reduce future strain on the affected joints and muscles.

The Simply Aligned Technique is well suited for a wide range of population with acute or chronic pain – workers doing physical jobs every day, parents with young children, people being in car accidents, older adults with chronic arthritis and joint pains. It can also be tailored for athletes with sports injuries and muscle tears, as well as accident injuries and rehabilitation. Dr. Nima finds that most patients usually come in with lower back pain, spinal issues or knee or shoulder pain. He advises patients to come in early at the onset of frequent pain, rather than wait until pain gets much worse and can cause long term impairment.

Patients dealing with pain in the lockdown can contact Dr. Nima online at, or by phone or text at (416) 628-8554 and ask for a secure online video chat. The clinic continues to be open for treatment by appointment, and follows all covid safety protocols extensively. Most staff have been vaccinated and equipment is thoroughly sanitized after each patient. Patients are given a customized plan to suit their individual needs and availability.

Dr. Nima Pardisnia,
Simply Align Rehab (Located inside Cedarbrae Medical Center)
+1 (416) 628-8554