Pixaera, Immersive Learning Platform, Raises Funds to Fuel Significant Growth and Support Expansion

Immersive Training Technology Breakthrough Results in Greater Retention, Lower Costs, Better Outcomes for Users – Powerful Use Cases in Safety Training Realm

UNITED STATES, May 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Pixaera, the immersive learning technology, today announced it raised outside investments to fund its continued growth in developing and deploying state-of-the-art immersive training technology. Unique in the learning sector, Pixaera’s technology is compatible with virtual reality (VR) personal computer (PC) and web browser platforms. In the large and growing market (more than $56 billion annually in goods producing sectors) Pixaera’s scalability, affordability and lesson-retention rate (over 90%) stand out.

There was additional participation in the form of investments from York IE and angel investors in the Middle East. Launched in 2020, Pixaera has created learning technology that outperforms all other training types in the safety market. The company is led by Mousa Yassin, a second-time founder with years of involvement in gaming technology and specific industry experience in the energy sector. Additionally, the Pixaera team includes operations lead, Jehad Khayyat and Ryan Lewis, who is serving as simulation director, calling on his years of experience as a director for Zynga, Google and Exit VR.

“We believe that simulations and 3D spaces have the power to, ultimately, transform the way education is provided and consumed around the world. The immersive nature lends itself to the way humans interpret and retain information. The technology is flexible, affordable and will only get better from here,” said Mousa Yassin, founder and CEO.

Pixaera already has agreements with several global companies in the energy and utility sectors that are seeing measurable results and a major positive shift in trainee sentiment. Pixaera’s scalable and measurable nature allows the industry to transition to a common training standard with great certainty as to employee readiness – crucial for a high risk activity in the safety space. The ability to access realistic spaces and carry out actual tasks on any laptop or browser, prior to visiting a site, dramatically improves the preparedness and safe operations for organizations using the technology. According to a PWC study it results in a 4x improvement in learning speed, with students expressing almost three times the level of confidence in their skills and a 94% preference for an immersive training experience.

“Right away, we saw the potential of the platform and the Pixaera team. They are bringing a fresh perspective to safety training that is turning heads throughout the industry. It uses real-world scenarios for users and provides an experience that can be accessed not only through a VR headset, but also via PC or web browser. And the technology scales well, not only for enterprises of all sizes, but from industry to industry. We see no limits on the ways it can be brought to bear in learning environments of all kinds,” said Marshall Everson, VP Investments, York IE.

Pixaera is focused on the large and underserved safety training space. In 2021 will continue to work closely with stakeholders to enhance and refine a technical solution that exceeds user expectations and redefines modern training. The team at Pixaera views classroom and virtual audio and video training as relics of the past. The world is evolving toward simulated environments of all kinds where the user defines the story and can relive it without limitations.

About Pixaera
Pixaera is an immersive learning platform provider that transforms learning by using realistic simulation to simulate a wide array of scenarios in a risk-free environment. Pixaera’s immersive platform is compatible with PC, VR and browsers, and uses an intuitive user and content management system to deliver simulations, allowing companies to manage tens of thousands of users and keep track of results. Currently, enterprises in the energy industry, utilities and manufacturing use Pixaera to transform their workplace health and safety training programs, increase learners’ retention and improve their operations.

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