Calmmie App Enables Parents to Set Their Children Free from Cyberbullying with New AI Controls

Innovative new app’s pre-order began Monday, May 10, 2021 with a limited offer sale featuring up to 40% discount via IndieGoGo

Calmmie was developed to improve safe chatting and create a calming experience for mobile device users. It gives users more control over chats delivered to their phones”

— Sarah Sandez, Calmmie creator

ERIE, USA, May 13, 2021 / — Calmmie is an all-new mobile app that enables parents to set their children free from cyberbullying. The app offers 24/7 cyberbully protection allowing children to keep their minds free and away from toxic Internet conversations. Calmmie was created in collaboration with Spacebott to give parents a host of tools to keep bullies at bay. The app comes with SOS emergency video assist, trauma chats control, facial recognition mood tracker, meditations, early warnings systems, IMEI and IP address blocking technology, provides two phones to have remote access, and delivers leading artificial intelligence technology in cyberbullying controls and protection.

Calmmie’s artificial intelligence can analyze incoming chat massages at the backend to qualify and sort them. The app is able to identify trauma-inducing chats before they are presented on the device frontend to the user. Trauma chats can be locked before they ever reach the user. At the same time, the artificial intelligence allows positive chats to go through to the user.

“Calmmie was developed to improve safe chatting and create a calming experience for mobile device users,” Sarah Sandez, Calmmie creator said. “It gives users more control over chats delivered to their phones.”

A limited offer pre-order for Calmmie will begin on Monday, May 10, 2021 on IndieGoGo. The pre-order will offer a limited sale with a 15% to 40% discount on the available packs. Early bird sign-ups for the Calmmie app receive perks and three months free. Signing up for Calmmie on IndieGoGo allows early birds to get the latest updates on the app’s campaign.

The cyberbullying app is a gamechanger for teens who use mobile devices and social media. Today, most children own a mobile phone by the age of seven. With children using mobile apps from an early age, it makes them targets for cyberbullying from schoolmates. Calmmie hopes to end the effects of Cyberbullying which includes anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and other physical and mental aspects many parents may or may not see.

One of the unique characteristics of the Calmmie app is that it enables caregivers, partners, family, and therapists to receive early warnings and notifications of the onset of trauma from a user’s phone. This allows those individuals to intervene early to prevent trauma from escalating

and protect the user. Making Calmmie easy to use is that it combines the best features of other chat, meditation, mood tracking, anxiety calming apps and SOS devices into one easy to use platform.

The app also offers a remote chat lock/unlock and hot chat delete feature. To enable users to relax, Calmmie’s meditation screens allow users to upload their own content to the meditation playlist. Users can upload relaxing music from internal/external storage, YouTube, and Vimeo.

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