FaithVenture Media Launches Innovative Disciple Generation Website Design Service for Evangelical Churches

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A new innovative website design service for Churches has just been launched that can help Evangelical Churches turn guests into engaged Church members.

We see websites as the tool Churches can use on Sunday, and every day, to turn guests into members, disciple them, and even grow them Spiritually as a Church member.”

— Jeremy G. Woods

TARGU MURES, MURES, ROMANIA, May 11, 2021 / — Like all other spheres of life, the COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted church services and caused unprecedented challenges. People are going through and/or have gone through forced quarantine and are learning to do everything remotely using electronic platforms. Similarly, most Churches have been forced to go online or hybrid online/offline for their Church services.

The post-pandemic new normal situation also means embracing new ways to do things. With this in mind, as well as for helping Churches innovate their website experience, FaithVenture Media has launched the new website for their disciple generation service. This innovative service is designed for helping Evangelical Churches to turn guests into active and engaged members.

Founded in 2017, FaithVenture Media has a mission to help Evangelical Churches through their website design solutions. They do it for spreading the Kingdom of God further. The person behind it is Jeremy G. Woods. Born in Huntsville, Alabama, he graduated from Grissom High School and the University of North Alabama. He is a missionary living in Romania. Jeremy has a background in website design, and, together with his wife, Magda, founded the Church website design agency FaithVenture Media.

Disciple Generation is a brand-new service designed to help Churches deliver a unique user experience for their Church members and guests. The main idea is to create Church websites with separate menus for guests and Church members. FaithVenture Media has further plans for the future of Disciple Generation. They are working towards designing Church websites more elaborately with an even more personalized experience for website visitors.

“For a few years, FaithVenture Media is in the website design industry, but we now realize that technology is at a level where Churches can really start improving user experience by making their websites more personalized and tailored to their users (guests and members). Our website designing involves five simple steps. Once an Evangelical Church chooses to be our client and pays for the service, we gather all necessary info and organize an onboarding call. Based on these (and an in-depth analysis of other Churches in their area), we start designing the website. While doing this, we also take care of the content (and implementing the Disciple Generation functionalities if that’s part of their website design package). Once the client approves the site, we focus on launching it. However, our job does not end here. We also update the website through regular updates as needed (included in the monthly price for the clients in our highest tier or at an hourly price for clients in our Do-It-Yourself (DIY) packages). For clients in our highest tier, we also offer a free website redesign every three years,” stated Jeremy G. Woods, the CEO of FaithVenture Media.

“We have three plans for our services. They are DIY for hosting, DIY design plus hosting, and All-in-One with assistance from us (also, it’s the only plan with the Disciple Generation features). The first plan is for those who don’t need help designing or editing their website. The second plan, which also comes with a website design fee for Churches that need to have the website designed for them, offers 50% of the designing cost for website redesigning after the first one-time website design fee is paid. The third plan includes website design (with a one-time design fee), disciple generation features (which include the website personalization), and other perks. On all three plans, you pay extra for membership site functionalities, ecommerce functionalities (if you need to sell anything on the website), and premium plugins. A 20% discount is available on all monthly plans for Churches that will send monthly donations to the Christian non-profit that my wife and I started,” he further added.

FaithVenture Media can help a church have a dream website. A website is a great communication tool for most Churches. It can promote the Church’s activities 24/7 even when everybody sleeps. Moreover, it helps people to find a Church and help regular attendees and the members of the Church know about the oncoming programs and events.

“The name Disciple Generation has a double meaning. It can be read as Generating Disciples or the Generation (or age) of Disciples. Our focus is helping Churches use technology (especially websites and technology) to further God’s work on this earth. We see websites as the tool Churches can use on Sunday, and every day, to turn guests into members, disciple them, and even grow them Spiritually as a Church member,” said Jeremy. “Church websites tend to be used as a pamphlet to inform guests and members when and where the Church meets, who their staff is, and how to contact them. This is only the beginning of what a Church website can do in this digital age, and Churches that are small and large can use their Church website to disciple their community and bring the Gospel to the nations.”

Unfortunately, most Church websites are ineffective. They tend to become overcrowded and try to show everything on the site to every website visitor. This is why it’s important to show the most important parts of the website to each visitor, giving them the choices that are more aimed at their stage in their relationship with the Church, whether they are a guest or a Church member.

Visit our website for more information. Churches can get a free video audit for improving their website or take advantage of a free consultation by scheduling an appointment through the Disciple Generation website. A few years ago, FaithVenture Media also published Jeremy’s book Using Technology for Your Church: A Guide for Pastors and Church Leaders.

Jeremy also runs a Christian non-profit, Potter’s House Ministries, in Romania. They are actively fundraising for some new projects.

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