Eric Painter Balances a Life of Art and Technology in Hobbies as Well as Work

The Work-Life Balancing Act

SUGAR LAND, TX, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2021 / — Many of us struggle to maintain a well-rounded balance between the personal interests we have in our domestic lives with those that develop as a result of our professional life. Eric Painter of Texas is an example of how to maintain a grasp on both the hobbies that build our character and the work that pays the bills. Luckily, Mr. Painter has generously offered his insights about how he looks at these seemingly dichotomous interests which you can learn and implement into your own life.

When you are young and just getting ready to enter the working world, it can seem as if you will have to abandon your passions and hobbies. However, if you can learn to budget your time well and approach these endeavors from the long tail perspective, it is feasible to find a place for both of them within your life as Eric Painter has done.

Not every project needs to satisfy every part of your personality, sometimes it is useful to separate these interests so they remain compelling to you. “Although there is a level of creativity needed at work and in many jobs, it usually serves the purpose of accomplishing a task and expressing something about a product or service. Whereas in my own writing and in music, I am able to be creative for the sake of being creative and self-expression. I enjoy not being limited by an end-goal and the freedom to go in whatever creative direction my heart desires.”, Eric replied when asked about how music and writing help him express the parts of himself that work does not. Because work is about meeting deadlines and demands, it often does not have time for the organic creative process of many artists.

Perhaps the comparison of technology to art seems like a left brain versus right brain division. Things do not have to be so cut and dry, overlapping interests offer a chance to cross-pollinate the ideas we love into whatever we find ourselves getting involved with for work or pleasure. When asked what a career in technology taught him about the human perspective, Mr. Painter offered the following sentiments, “Working in the tech sector I have learned that good technology should always seek to enhance the human experience, not replace it. Humans are most fulfilled through their relationships with others, and any tech that seeks to diminish or replace authentic relationships does a disservice to humanity.”

Eric Painter has a passion for playing the guitar as well as music in general, writing, and studying the craft of architecture, but he has made a living in software sales. Finding a holistic way to accommodate all these interests is an art unto itself and that is as true in Texas as anywhere else. Hopefully, you can find a way to do the same.

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