Non Fungible Token Contest

Energy Scholars Inc. announces a Non Fungible Token contest to bring awareness to its Carbon Credits 2 College Credits initiative.

DOVER, DELAWARE, USA, April 24, 2021 / — Energy Scholars Inc. through is Carbon Credits 2 College Credits initiative is sponsoring, an NFT competition.

Free to enter, the competition allows NFT artists to submit a JPEG of an NFT along with links to their social media and links to their collection for the consideration of the NFT collecting community.

The community then votes for their favorite NFT while making a small donation to Energy Scholars Inc.

The Top Ten vote getters among the NFT artists, win Ethereum prizes.
Each winning NFT will also have a metric ton of Carbon Offsets retired in its name.

To view or enter the contest please visit:

About Energy Scholars Inc.: a 501C3 nonprofit, we are creating scholarships, and grant opportunities, for students who are committed to combating climate change, or are dedicated to global humanitarian efforts. Please visit:

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