Messiah G. Willis, the Founder of Arrow Bank, Speaks About the Future of Centralized Banking

Messiah G. Willis

CEO and Founder of Arrow Bank Messiah G. Willis

The founder and Ceo of Arrow Bank, Messiah G. Willis weighs in on how blockchain and cryptocurrency will impact how the world continues to bank in the future.

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, April 23, 2021 / — As the popularity of cryptocurrency continues to rise and as China moves forward with their digital yuan, more people are discussing the potential elimination of centralized banks. There is even speculation that the power of the U.S Dollar will be eradicated. The founder and CEO of Arrow Bank, the personal finance application, Messiah G. Willis decided to weigh in on the buzz.

Messiah believes that while the participation and involvement in cryptocurrency is trending upwards, the world still has a long way to go before centralized banks are totally eliminated; “Trust in public institutions is integral to the success of centralized banks. Much of the population still feels a disconnect and distrust with cryptocurrency.” – Messiah G. Willis

Messiah elaborated and said that he feels centralized banks will start introducing cryptocurrency as a banking option while continuing to offer conventional currencies. As the founder of his own banking application, Messiah G. Willis plans to make crypto-exchange an option on his banking platform, this edition will be made available within the coming weeks. He also discussed the potential for centralized banks slowly beginning to decentralize. Messiah does not believe the USD will lose its value; “The ability for USD to translate into other markets is undeniable. As long as the world still acknowledges and trusts in the U.S dollar, it will remain our primary form of currency. Global trade keeps the economy moving and the American economy is the largest and most essential economy to the world. For these reasons, a collapse of the USD is highly unlikely.” – Messiah G. Willis

Only time will tell us what is to come next in the saga of cryptocurrency and the decentralization of banks. For now, we should all continue to stay up-to-date with the latest financial news and try not to lose too much faith in the power of the U.S dollar.

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