Dakikar Online Rentals Booking Platform Is the Next Generation of Space Booking

UK, April 23, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dakikar is the dynamic space sharing platform that offers unmatched flexibility for all your travel, business and entertainment needs. The booking platform lets hosts rent out commercial and residential spaces while guests enjoy unique perks and booking options

The team at Dakikar is looking to give the traditional rental standard an upgrade with their online booking platform. This space sharing platform extends generous freedom and flexibility to both hosts and guests. Guests enjoy benefits including the ability to check in or out at anytime, only paying for the exact time they spend in the unit (could be per minute, hour or day) and a wide variety of rentals to choose from. With rentals including homes, offices, conference rooms, cafes, banquet halls, art galleries and more, we maximize your rental options while minimizing your costs Dakikar lets hosts optimize their revenues by renting their spaces out in smaller time blocks. This ensures that you can get more bookings as guests can rent when they need.

This versatile renting style helps you get the most out of your space at all time. Even during less busy seasons, you can sell Dakikar your rental hours at discounted rates to keep income flowing while also having the option to auction their space to the higher bidder during peak seasons when the demand for their space will be high By bringing a new dimension of flexibility into the rental market, our mission is to reduce the costs for renters while opening up endless possibilities for hosts to share their places with the world!
Dakikar runs on the ideas of flexibility, versatility and convenience for both travelers and hosts.

Dakikar is now up and running, and hosts and guests alike can go to the website to learn more. Details are available at https://dakikar.com

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