AutoGoat Taking Orders for its Autonomous Vehicle System



Atlanta company’s yard truck modification saves fleet managers money

ATLANTA, USA, April 23, 2021 / — AutoGoat, which converts existing yard trucks into autonomous vehicles, is now taking pre-orders for the third quarter of 2021.

Yard trucks are the small trucks that move trailers around warehouse property to be loaded and sent to other locations. AutoGoat transforms standard commercial yard trucks into autonomous vehicles. And that’s the AutoGoat difference. The company modifies existing vehicles rather than building yard trucks from scratch, saving warehouse owners and logistics operators money on replacing their fleets with new, built-from-the-ground up vehicles, according to Roger Crabb, AutoGoat’s CEO.

In addition to saving fleet managers money, Mr. Crabb said, “The AutoGoat is your answer to complete control of load scheduling and dispatching while keeping the production lines moving. The AutoGoat never gets tired. It also performs physical yard checks and generates the list of resources available for transporting your products. If you have a scheduled dispatch time for a load, the AutoGoat will notify you if the load has been picked up or not and at what time.”

Another advantage of AutoGoat: by using existing vehicles, facilities won’t have to redesign their yards to accommodate the coming wave of autonomous vehicles.

Mr, Crabb is a third-generation fleet manager and heavy-duty commercial vehicle technician who served as a national fleet maintenance manager for a Fortune 100 company. He enlisted his good friend, a technology solutions architect Lane Fowler, in the AutoGoat enterprise after recognizing that autonomous vehicles are the next step forward in supply chain logistics.

It has been reported that nearly a dozen companies are developing autonomous trucking. Autonomous trucks rely on sensors, which feed data to a computer, which in turn controls the vehicle with skills learned through an enormous amount of training and simulation. Trucks are a better platform for autonomy than passenger vehicles because of an improved field of view for sensors, which can be mounted higher off the ground and it’s always in a controlled environment.

McKinsey & Company recently reported that autonomous trucks will change the cost structure and utilization of trucking, which will lower the cost of consumer goods, and noted that 65 percent of the nation’s consumable goods are trucked to market. With full autonomy, operating costs would decline by about 45 percent, saving the United States for-hire trucking industry between $85 billion and $125 billion.

McKinsey further reported that automation at every step of the supply chain is expanding logistics firms’ ability to flex with peak demand, take on heavier cargo, and pick and pack individual products – all attributes that will support e-commerce.

AutoGoat has three limited time sales options:

● $30,000 deposit and $30,000 due on delivery. Saving of $30,000.
● $10,000 deposit with $75,000 due on delivery.
● or a $900 reservation deposit will be applied to the purchase price of $90,000.

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