DimensionU Launches DimensionU Alumni Site as it Nears the 20 Year Mark

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DimensionU Alumni

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New Site Highlights Former DimensionU K-12 Student Users and Where They are Now!

RICHMOND, VA, UNITED STATES, April 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — How many adults remember textbooks or educational programs they used while in grade school? Probably not many, not unless they used the DimensionU Educational Video Game platform.

Today, DimensionU, Inc. announces a new website called “DimensionU Alumni,” dedicated to showcasing former elementary and middle school students who used DimensionU Games. The inaugural roster of alumni consists mostly of former students who used DimensionU ten or more years ago and are now either attending college or starting careers in the workforce.

Originally founded in 2003 by entrepreneur, Ntiedo (NT) Etuk and game designer/algebra teacher, Robert Clegg, the company (then named Tabula Digita, Inc.) was a disruptor in the EdTech industry, sparking a wave of innovation, interest and discussion around game-based learning throughout the K-12 Education Community.

The concept for launching the DimensionU Alumni site arose several months ago, when Richard Thomas, a former student from Rocco Lauri I.S. 72 in New York City, messaged the company saying, ”Hi…I was a finalist back in 2012 for DimensionU. Your platform helped inspired me to pursue a career in engineering by majoring in Computer Science & Applied Mathematics! Proud to say I just graduated Summa Cum Laude in May and now working as a software engineer! Thanks for building the game!”

“We were stunned and elated when we read the message,” said DimensionU CEO, Steven Hoy. “I remember telling our entire staff and doing fist bumps in the air because this is the reason we do what we do. Having a student tell you, years after they have graduated, that your company’s educational program helped inspire them towards a certain major in college or career interest, is absolutely the best feeling and makes all the hard work worth it.“ added Hoy.

As a result, the company started reaching out and interviewing former students who had used DimensionU. They realized that, at the very least, DimensionU had left students with a memorable educational experience and for some, had provided inspiration to their future. The DimensionU Alumni group is a means to reconnect and demonstrate how engagement in education, even something as simple as an educational video game, is essential and potentially life-changing.

DimensionU plans to continue growing the alumni group and has included a contact form on the website, encouraging other former DimensionU-ians to reach out and be included. Check out the new DimensionU Alumni website at www.dimensionu.com .

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