Phobio’s Trade-In Programs Help Reduce E-Waste While Giving Consumers Increased Purchasing Power

ATLANTA, GA, USA, April 21, 2021 / — As the world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, Phobio, the premier trade-in service for mobile operators and iconic consumer brands, is dedicated to helping foster a circular economy and reducing the linear or take-make-waste economy. When consumer products are traded-in to be reused or recycled, their life is extended and the potentially toxic waste caused when they are thrown away is reduced.

A circular economy is created when products are resold and reused, extracting the most value from them before recycling. The circular economy increases purchasing power for consumers, reduces waste and maximizes resources.

“The benefits for consumers, businesses and the planet are exactly what inspired me to found Phobio and what drives us to be the best trade-in partner in the business” said Stephen Wakeling, Phobio CEO.

Discarded electronics, or e-waste, make up 70% of landfills’ toxic waste. The metals that make up cell phones include aluminum, carbon, iron, copper, cobalt, tin and titanium, among others. Depending on how discarded cell phones are treated when they end up in landfills, they can release toxins into the air, water and soil.

Trade-in programs help solve this problem and Phobio’s goal is to make it easy for everyone to trade in anything, becoming an engine driving the circular economy. To date, Phobio has focused on mobile phones, laptops, tablets and wearables. Phobio recently announced a partnership with Drone Nerds, North America’s largest drone retailer, to be their trade-in partner for a wide range of consumer drones.

But what’s next?

The Phobio team is actively working on developing trade-in programs for new businesses and product categories, including consumer electronics, smart home appliances and power tools. “The more durable, well-made products that can find a second life only makes sense and means less waste ends up in our landfills” said Wakeling.

Phobio is the premier trade-in service for mobile operators and iconic consumer brands in North America. Using innovative custom software products, Phobio helps its clients increase device sales and improve customer purchasing power while facilitating a second life for trade-in items. Phobio’s simple and secure omnichannel trade-in programs offer optimal value and custom solutions that simplify the complicated for its clients and elevate the customer experience. Phobio is proud to play an important role in the emerging circular economy, in which products are traded in to be recycled or sold to the next consumer so they stay out of landfills and contribute to a cleaner planet. Founded in 2010 and based in Atlanta, GA, Phobio fosters a dynamic work environment where people do the best work of their careers. For more information, visit

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