Data-Driven Recruiting Engine “BoltSource Match” Connects Software Engineers With Hiring Companies

Built by tech for tech, BoltSource streamlines the recruiting & job search process for the software industry.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2021 / — After a few years working in the software development and recruiting space, the team at BoltSource recognized major flaws in the industry’s recruiting process. Though software development is based on innovation, companies’ recruiting processes were still entirely traditional.

“The hiring process is really stuck in the past,” says Adam Klenk, BoltSource CEO. “Companies are frustrated, engineers are annoyed, and putting the right people on the right teams takes too long for an industry that values velocity.” BoltSource recognized that the hiring process was expensive for companies who invest extensive time and resources, and still didn’t have the network to find highly sought-after engineers. On the flip side, job placement is also painful for engineers, who are spammed by recruiters based on their tech stack experience. In reality, both sides are really seeking a culture, values, lifestyle, and passion fit.

As a company founded by developers, BoltSource turned to technology to create a simplified Tinder-style recruitment solution. Software engineers and companies start with a 6 minute match form to describe their ideal employment counterpart. The questions emphasize tech stack and technical skills, but also prioritize personality, interests, and ideals. BoltSource then matches companies with a selection of software engineers that fit the criteria, providing integrated interview scheduling and offer acceptances. Companies and engineers will also only be notified when candidates or positions fit the criteria that they deem critical to interest.

“Especially moving into 2021, engineers prioritize building products they care about, on an availability that fits their lifestyle. Companies are valuing specific skills and culture criteria over location, as more teams are remote than ever before. The current recruiting options for both full time and contractors just don’t take those preferences into account,” says Klenk.

The company also provides engineers in their Match network with continual education and mentorship to create what they see as a win-win-win scenario. Software engineers receive free resources to upgrade their skills and marketability. Companies add engineers that accelerate their entire team with not just their technical skills, but the human and user experience understanding they value. The end-user benefits from better websites, apps, and software products.

“Quickly filling technical gaps and growing teams is the bottleneck for most tech companies,” says Klenk. “We hope BoltSource Match will accelerate innovation and create better work experiences for everyone.”

About BoltSource: BoltSource is a software engineer recruiting company based in Austin, TX. BoltSource leverages their network and technology to match jobs, contracts, and full-time positions with innovative companies to vetted software engineers. Their data-driven recruiting engine creates matches faster, and prioritizes tech stack experience, workplace skills, culture fit, and values. BoltSource strives to continually accelerate software company teams by mentoring and educating their network of engineers in technical developments, human skills, and user experience.


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