7KStartup Program Brings a Wonderful Opportunity for the Emerging Entrepreneurs to Build & Launch Their Startups

7kStartup program welcomes new startup founders who are looking for tech support, investment & mentoring to turn their startup ideas into successful businesses.

MARGATE, FL, UNITED STATES, April 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The World is evolving so fast that, with every passing day, there is a need for new ideas, initiatives, and businesses to solve real-world problems. It is no wonder that having one’s own business provides people not with an opportunity to get successful but also helps them work for a purpose in life. With that said, every year, thousands of entrepreneurs launch their startups but, only a few can thrive in the industry. To support these startups and materialize their ideas 7KStartup, run by DesignersX, has come up with an amazing startup program to help the emerging entrepreneurs create minimal viable products and get seed investment as well as the tech support for their startups.

Converting a simple startup idea into a business and then seeing it succeed is a dream of every entrepreneur. However, many times, emerging entrepreneurs struggle to launch their startups. And those who do succeed in the launch find themselves not prepared for the further challenges awaiting in their journey. 7KStartup understands the problems and challenges that almost every startup founder face. From the launch of startups to seed investment, building the minimal viable products, and providing necessary support for all tech-related problems, 7KStartup is a one-step solution for startups.

Since 7KStartup only accepts startups at an early stage, these startups will get all the necessary tech support, MVP development, product launch strategy, and tools to push marketing efforts. Be it Lifestyle, Fintech, Foodtech, health, Health, Media, Training, or E-commerce, the program welcomes all types of startups that come with an incredible idea and the potential to create an impact. It provides a realization and development service to the startup with a full-tech strategy in exchange for a small fee. In the first phase of the startup program, the entrepreneurs will receive a scalable MVP, Perks & Credits along with 12 months of support. If a startup is able to achieve the designated goal in the first 12 months, The team will receive an investment of $50,000 for their startups in the form of software development service to build the full-scale product.

Before the seed investment, startups must make sure that their idea resonates well with the market. Therefore, the 7KStartup program helps the entrepreneurs launch their minimal viable product, saving the entrepreneurs’ precious time, energy, and resources and get better prospects of success. 7KStartup accepts only 10 startups every year and offers a seed investment of $50,000 per team in exchange for equity of 5-7%. Some of the successful alumni of the 7KStartup program who are doing an incredible job today include Marine Essentials, Sportvote, Afridom, EngageNova, Symnex Solutions, TouchCR, and many others. It can be said that 7kStartup is extremely beneficial for the new startup founders who are looking for tech support and investment for their ideas and initiatives.
“The startup program looks like an unbelievable one-stop solution for all the problems a startup founder may encounter in the startup life-cycle”

Kulbir Singh
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