PREPPS – The Ziprecruiter for student recruitment aims to modernize the way students search and enroll at colleges

PREPPS - The ZipRecruiter of Student Recruitment

PREPPS – The ZipRecruiter of Student Recruitment





Ready to launch in fall 2021, PREPPS aims to increase student success rates by providing more opportunities to students from low-income districts.

NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT, USA, April 20, 2021 / — Over the last 10 years, colleges and universities in the USA have been spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising and recruiting students. Yet, college enrollments are still on the decline. A recent study by NPR showed that the total number of college enrollments reduced from 20.56 million in 2011 to 18.24 million in 2019, even though the advertising costs have gone up significantly over the last 8 years. On average, colleges are spending upwards of $55,000 per month on digital ads alone and still achieving unsatisfactory results. PREPPS aims to solve this problem by strategically placing itself as the “Ziprecruiter” for student recruitment and modernizing the way colleges recruit students.

PREPPS is a new and robust platform that enables colleges and universities to search and connect with prospective students, without spending thousands of dollars on advertising. Colleges can tap into the vast network of student profiles on PREPPS, filter them by their career interest, zip codes, GPA, and more, and also invite them to apply directly to the institution, thereby significantly reducing the advertising and recruiting costs. PREPPS also aims to reduce the gap that remains present in the educational achievements between students from low-income families and their high-income peers. Low-income students are traditionally overlooked by elite institutions and PREPPS aims to provide a means for students from all zip codes to be made aware of all their options so that they can make better career choices.

The Co-Founders of PREPPS, Christian Dupervil, M.Ed, and Derek Cromwell (U.S. Marine Corps) created this app out of experiences witnessed in real-life situations. For Christian, the idea came to him when interviewing at a large university that was struggling with enrollments for their School of Pharmacy, lacking a database to recruit high school students specifically interested in Pharmacy. As for Derek, throughout his tenure in recruiting for the Marines, he witnessed the full and great potential of America’s next generation and couldn’t help but notice how many were being left behind or thrown into troublesome situations by the education system they were currently entrenched in.

In the words of Co-founder, Christian,

“Colleges are limited in their ability to reach underrepresented students. Many institutions state a commitment to diversity but lack the means to reach low-income districts. There are challenges for recruiting and engaging underrepresented students and digital recruiting via PREPPS is a natural evolution along with the growth of online education.”

PREPPS aims to be an education-focused social network, benefiting schools and students across the nation. The platform is dedicated to helping increase the success rate of college grads while providing all the tools and resources to assist students to select the right colleges and career paths based on job demand and industry growth. Students can simply fill in their details to create a PREPPS profile and let colleges find them, based on their zip code, career interest, and more. For more information, visit or email PREPPS at

Christian Dupervil