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Interested in getting into the stock market? This free game for iOS and Android can help you learn the basics before risking real money.

By far the best stock simulator trading game out there today”

— Chad M., CMFH Hedge fund Manager

NEW YORK, NY, USA, April 18, 2021 / — As the stock market continues to hit all time highs, new investors are flocking to try and get in. But if you haven’t invested before, it can be overwhelming and stressful to risk your real cash. COMISH is a stock trading simulator that is not only a TON of fun to play but it’s an excellent tool to learn stock investing in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

The game is totally free on Apple iPhone and Android devices and it features hilarious dialogue all set in a 1980’s Wall Street golden-era setting. You play as a professional stockbroker named Goldie Saxon. Comish was designed and developed by Jon Sheklow, a New York based stock market and M&A professional who started Opposite Lock Games in an effort to bring the excitement of trading to the masses. He’s created a game that allows players to trade in REAL Dow-30 stocks including Apple, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Exxon and all others. All prices are updated in REAL TIME and piped in during NYSE market hours.

In addition to real stock trading the game features many other modes as well including trading for your various clients using their money. You can unlock bigger clients as you progress and they give you more and more funds to work with. But if you lose too much of their money they fire you. So it’s all an exhilarating game of risk and reward.

This game is recommended very highly to anyone interested in stocks, stock trading, crypto currency trading, Bitcoin, Etherium or any other types of investing.

Jump in now by searching “Comish” on the App Stores now. Buy low, sell high and have fun!

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