Vertuoso Brings Two New Shorts to Streamer ClixTV

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Vertuoso brings The Mom List and Smart Eats to ClixTV

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Wellness and Comedy are coming to ClixTV

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Vertuoso and ClixTV partner up

Storytelling innovator Vertuoso joins with ClixTV, a new ecommerce-meets-entertainment platform, to stream two snackable new shows.

We’re excited to expand our fan base and soon-to-be Clix’ers with these wonderful shows.”

— Ed Sullivan, CEO ClixTV

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, March 16, 2021 / — Vertuoso amps up its partnership across ClixTV screens with more odd and exciting video originals: The Mom List, from creator Elena Melener; and Smart Eats, hosted by Monti Carlo.

Vertuoso Co-Founder Curt Doty says, “ClixTV continues to lead the way for new streaming experiences focused on “wow-you’ve-gotta-see-this” short video series. And Vertuoso is pleased to discover innovative new content distribution for our production partners.” Adds ClixTV Content Chief Patricia Sullivan: “The Mom List and Smart Eats add cool spice to ClixTV’s buffet of deliciously addictive video entertainment.”

The Mom List
CREATIVE BRIEF: From Elena Melener, two Mom “besties” join The Wholesome Mothering Group, led by locally famous parenting guru, Courtney. When Courtney introduces The Mom List, daily activities helping Mothers become more connected and present so their kids will be less likely to become drug addicts and/or serial killers, these two friends eagerly take it on. Yet, exercising while drinking margaritas is probably not what Courtney intended and screaming daily affirmations to your children from the car doesn’t have the intended positive effect. But through a few Mommy misadventures and several sips of Courtney’s Kool-Aid, Liz and Molly learn to expand their horizons beyond motherhood and margaritas.

Creator and actress Elena Melener says, “We are so thrilled to be working with Vertuoso and super excited that The Mom List will be a part of the new “snackable” line up streaming on demand on the ClixTV platform. It’s the perfect home for our offbeat, original comedy of overzealous and self-sabotaging characters.” Vertuoso’s Greg Babiuk adds, “With The Mom List, Elena brings her own uniquely awkward twist to the daily improbabilities of mothering that simply must be seen to really appreciate your own reality. ClixTV is an ideal platform to connect the show with its audience and also to introduce it to new audiences across platforms and screens worldwide.”

Smart Eats
CREATIVE BRIEF: From Everything Food comes Smart Eats featuring chef Monti Carlo, on-air personality on Food Network and the Cooking Channel and Co-Founder, Director of Culinary of Everything Food. Smart Eats is a new series of digital shorts that takes viewers on an eye-opening journey across Southern California to explore America’s flawed food system and learn more about the high-quality producers that are trying to fix it. With each episode, Monti learns what to watch out for when it comes to popular foods. From “Free Range” cattle that feast on expired candy to “All Natural” cereals preserved with petroleum, Smart Eats exposes some of the shadiest practices in the grocery game and shows us how to make better choices.

Everything Food CEO, Peter Balsells says, “We’re dedicated to the idea that fresh food is a basic right, not a luxury. We’re passionate advocates for transparency and traceability in the food chain. We believe in helping our community find the highest quality food at the best prices from purveyors that employ sustainable and equitable practices. ClixTV provides us a brand extension with our show and we are thrilled about the possibilities.”

Host Monti Carlo adds, “The health of our families, communities, and the planet is affected by the food choices we make. I created Smart Eats to give viewers upbeat, entertaining, easily digestible content that highlights the importance of responsibly sourced ingredients. I’m so excited to introduce it to ClixTV viewers and humbled that Vertuoso has brought it to the world stage!”

ClixTV’s CEO Ed Sullivan says, “We’re excited to expand our fan base and soon-to-be Clix’ers with these wonderful shows. And we’re thrilled to announce that ClixTV is now available at Apple’s App store for IOS mobile screens and the Google App store for Android devices. So get set to take ClixTV everywhere you watch.”

Adds Chief Marketing Officer Stacy Jolna, “But wait there’s more… the ClixTV network of great video experiences is growing in fast-forward. Our distribution and availability will soon expand across leading global OTT, streaming platforms and smart TV’s. Look for ClixTV soon at your favorite places to enjoy the best creative video entertainment anywhere. And on ClixTV we’re adding both fantastic shows AND 100’s of merchants so you can Binge watch AND Buy cool stuff – we’ve got whatever you love!”

Vertuoso Co-Founder Curt Doty states, “Our mission has evolved from vertical storytelling to multi-platform marketing, branded content and distribution and ClixTV has been a great partner to connect brands and charities to some of the most compelling and authentic voices in the content world.”

About ClixTV
ClixTV now features more than 600 short video shows from global adventure & travel to unique comedy, cuisine and celebrities. From Hollywood to HipHop to professional sports fields, arenas and skate parks to ANY SCREEN worldwide. And coming soon… ClixTV adds full-length shows… streaming the best from our extraordinary producers for your big screens with a network of leading OTT platforms and SmartTV’s. And we’re FREE!! Just the stars you love, the brands you crave, and the charities you support – without the noise and extra fees.

About Vertuoso
Vertuoso is a hybrid digital agency that delivers innovative multi-platform campaign strategies for brands, agencies, studios, networks, and media companies. Founded by creative executive Curt Doty and executive producer Greg Babiuk in 2017, they provide research and strategy, creative development and production, and data analytics and optimization, telling stories with a social video and mobile first focus.

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