TensorIoT Achieves AWS Machine Learning Competency Status Applied AI and Machine Learning Operations


We are delighted to include TensorIoT in the launch of the new AWS Machine Learning Competency Categories.”

— Julien Simon, Global AI & ML Evangelist, AWS

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — TensorIoT, Making Things Intelligent, announced today that it has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine Learning Competency status in the new Applied Artificial Intelligence (Applied AI) and Machine Learning Operations (ML Ops) categories. This designation recognizes that TensorIoT has demonstrated deep experience helping customers transform their business from behind-the-scenes operational efficiencies to guest-facing customer experiences. The launch of the Applied AI and the ML Ops categories for the AWS ML Competency brings exciting new opportunities for TensorIoT to highlight their expertise.

The AWS Applied AI and ML Ops practices provide ready-made intelligence for applications and workflows. AI Services easily integrate with your applications to address common use cases such as personalized recommendations, modernizing your contact center, improving safety and security, and increasing customer engagement. Both AI and ML services on AWS use deep learning technology that support the ability to build, train, and deploy accurate models and easily add intelligence to business applications.

AWS launched the AWS Applied AI and the AWS ML Ops categories to help customers find highly specialized AWS Partners and take on the heavy lifting of identifying and validating industry leaders with proven customer success and technical proficiency.
AWS Partners recognized as part of the AWS Machine Learning Competency expansion help customers take advantage of intelligent solutions for the business, from creating, automating, and managing end-to-end ML workflows to modernizing applications with machine intelligence. This designation differentiates TensorIoT as an AWS Partner with deep domain expertise in the AI and ML space.

“Now more than ever, businesses are looking to transform themselves with the latest ML and AI solutions on AWS. To help customers make the right choices when finding the most qualified AWS Partner for the job, we’ve expanded the AWS Machine Learning Competency to help customers easily identify expert AWS Partners in the areas of Applied AI and ML Ops,” said Julien Simon, Global AI & ML Evangelist, AWS. “These AWS Partners are vetted by AWS for their technology capabilities and have a solid track record of success, and we are delighted to include TensorIoT in the launch of the new AWS Machine Learning Competency Categories. We look forward to innovating together and continuing to serve our customers with innovative and validated AWS Partner technology and consulting offerings.”

“We are proud to achieve AWS Machine Learning Competency status for the Applied AI and AWS ML Ops categories,” said Ravikumar Raghunathan, CEO of TensorIoT. “We are even more elated to announce that these attainments mark both our sixth and seventh AWS Competency designations. None of this would be possible without our incredible team and the work they put forward every day. TensorIoT is excited to continue to validate our excellence through AWS Partner Network Programs.”

TensorIoT has built solutions for industry leaders including Fortune 500 Hotels (Hospitality), Experian (Finance), Thermo Fisher Scientific (Sciences), JBS (Agriculture), Supply Chain companies, and Reliance Steel (Manufacturing). TensorIoT delivers custom solutions for device provisioning, custom alerting, and command and control and utilizes machine learning to build and deploy custom models for forecasting, personalization, and object recognition. In addition, TensorIoT develops custom solutions for predictive analytics and data insights to empower customers to achieve maximum business results with high operational agility.

AWS is enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions from startups to global enterprises. To support the seamless integration and deployment of these solutions, AWS established the AWS Competency Program to help customers identify AWS Partners with deep industry experience and expertise.

About TensorIoT, Inc.: TensorIoT is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner that has achieved the AWS IoT Competency, AWS Machine Learning Competency, AWS Industrial IoT Competency, AWS Retail Competency and AWS Travel & Hospitality Competency designations. The company also has multiple AWS Service Delivery credentials for AWS IoT services. Founded by a former AWS employee, TensorIoT has delivered successful projects across the world in the IoT & ML space and has offices in the U.S. (California, Washington, Nevada, Texas, Virginia, Florida), the UK, and India. TensorIoT is customer obsessed and practices the AWS leadership principles. With our deep experience delivering complete end-to-end solutions, from edge devices to end users in IoT, or data engineering to automated ML pipeline, our team of AWS certified architects can quickly assist customers in realizing their technology and business goals.

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